Dr. Richard Dover:

Head of Humanities / Head of Planning
Email: doverr@newi.ac.uk  Telephone:(01978) 293272

I am also working on a book, Alchemical Narratives, which is a post- Jungian exploration of a number of nineteenth and twentieth century narratives. Using ideas based on Archetypal and Depth Psychology, this book explores the ways in which such texts can be read as allegories of psychic and psychological dynamics, of the relationship between ego and the Unconscious, and the processes of Individuation. The research is greatly influenced by the work of James Hillman, one of the second generation of post-Jungians who seek to develop Jungian theory in new and challenging directions. Additional resources can be found at the C.G. Jung Home Page

Previous research included: "Better ways of Being English: Images and Representations of Englishness in Twentieth Century Culture; 'E M Forster and the English Liberal Tradition' (PhD Sussex, 1988); Realism and Desire in the Nineteenth Century European Novel; Late Victorian and Edwardian Literary and Intellectual Culture (the foundation for the current "MA in English Literary Culture: 1880-1920" programme at NEWI).

Other interests
Modern British Music, including the works of William Alwyn, Gerald FinziEdmund Rubbra , Vaughan Williams, and Arnold Bax.. Currently also exploring the work of composers working under former Soviet rule including the music of Shostakovich and Giya Kancheli

Teaching materials

The following teaching materials were developed to support modules delivered in recent years:

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