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Alex Layla Wrexham Glyndwr University student

Why I chose Wrexham Glyndwr University

It’s been over two years ago that I applied to Wrexham Glyndwr University. Scary thought... but I am coming up to my third and final year (even scarier!).

If you are still deciding if university is for you, it's still to study from this September at Wrexham Glyndwr University. It's a huge decision but it's definitely one of the best ones I've made!

Overall I chose five completely different universities across the UK for my UCAS application including Wrexham Glyndwr - I wasnt entirely sure I was ready to go to university then. That’s one thing you need to know before you apply, are you ready to to take this next step in your education?

I can only speak as a creative student at the Regent Street Campus at Wrexham Glyndwr University. I went to each of the open days that my five university choices offered. Four of them were huge but sometimes smaller is better, especially in my case.

What I did take from the open days was, don’t only speak to the tutors but speak to the students too. They may have more insight to the student study and life, they know their tutors and a lot of the students I spoke to at other universities said their tutors were hardly around. Even though you’re taking your education further and need to be independent, the tutors need to be around to offer you support - not just by email. A great tutor has great students!

The reasons I applied to Wrexham Glyndwr University was not only is the university's art school highly rated but I really liked the community feel and the size of the classrooms. I’m sensitive with noise sometimes and I don’t like noisy places. I still wonder why to this day I considered the other four universities since they were all in a city.

The great staff at Glyndwr too attracted me - they always want to see you achieve your best and I always see that as an art student. They go around each individual student to have one on one on most days to see if you are achieving your potential, but without feeling like you're being crowded.  Not only that, within the School of Creative Arts everyone is pretty much friends with each other. It’s a very homely and friendly place to study, and you are made to feel very welcome.

Lastly was the financial aspect. It's much cheaper for me to study at Glyndwr than living far away. Especially since I get a discount from the Welsh Assembly for studying in Wales (I have lived in Wales for more than 17 years.)

Excellent student services is equally important to consider. At the main university campus at Wrexham, inside the Edward Llwyd building (the library), is a hub full of services that you may need someday throughout your university career.

Not only is it convenient being in once space, the student support staff treat you as an individual.

I have used the disability service for learning difficulties, the careers service to help me with a covering letter as well as finding work experience and the finance team when I need help with finishing my application for the next term of student loans. 

My experience has been great so far! Get in touch with me on my email address below if I can help answer any of your questions.

About the author

Alexandra Layla

Alexandra Layla

Alexandra is a second year student here at Wrexham Glyndwr University. She studies Graphic Design and Multimedia.

To get in touch with Alexandra email