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University bucket list

Here's my bucket list - how many can you tick off? Let me know what's on yours!

  • Get freshers flu - it's guaranteed, you have no choice in the matter.
  • Watch a tv series in one day - don’t underestimate the power of procrastination.
  • Hand in something on time - the tutors will be amazed at your efforts.
  • Do something for charity - there are many charities within the area of Wrexham Glyndwr, do something for them if you have some spare time. It will look great on your CV too!
  • Learn to budget - we've all got to do it!
  • Get a NUS card - it helps with the budgeting; you even get discounts from some supermarkets, attractions and high-street stores.
  • Get a rail card - to visit friends and family back home or just to get away for a break.
  • Be the next Gordon Ramsey - in the kitchen release your inner Gordon Ramsey, Jamie Oliver or even the next Mary Berry. Come on, you can't live on Super Noodles and microwave meals for your whole time at uni!
  • Go to a different country - it's not all work and no play! Passport, check. Cheap holiday, check. Lets go!
  • Concerts and festivals - seeing your favourite band live, experience festival fever and be the next festival goer!
  • Do a dissertation- the one thing we all dread but when you’re in university there is no denying that fact that you need to do one - unless your course is lucky/unlucky enough to be project/exam based.
  • Earn a degree - the outcome of why you went to university! Don’t forget that is the main reason why you’re here, don’t waste it and get the degree that you want!

About the author

Alexandra Layla

Alexandra Layla

Alexandra is a second year student here at Wrexham Glyndwr University. She studies Graphic Design and Multimedia.

To get in touch with Alexandra email