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Turn your focus onto Professional Development

Turn your focus onto Professional Development

The current situation... 

There's no sugar coating the fact that that these are particularly challenging times for all of us-  finding time or capacity to focus on Professional Development, be it your own or that of your workforce, may be considered a little ambitious at this time. 

Now more than ever, employees want to know they have job security and a future and so Professional Development is key at this time – especially given that none of us really know what direction our ‘new normal’ may steer us towards next. Surely, we should be staying focused on our goals? 

Feeling the pressure?

We're all continuing to adjust in both our professional and personal lives, and with so much change and uncertainty regarding careers and future, some may be feeling the pressure.   How many articles have you read suggesting we reflect upon our commitment to our professional development - we’ve written and linked to a fair few of these ourselves but with change comes opportunity yes? We think so! 

Take some time to consider where you want to go in your career. What’s your next step once the economy improves? Do you want to move up within your current company? Or is a role at another company a better next step for you? If you’re unemployed, what do you want your next job to be? Is there an aspect of your most recent or previous roles that you’d like to focus more prominently on? 

Accesibility, ease and low cost 

With traditional workplace training sessions and live events on hold,  businesses are actively seeking ways to accommodate training via virtual sessions and webinars or eLearning. In today’s virtual world, there are a great deal of online learning opportunities  available but where does one start? 

There are many online learning opportunities that you can take explore in your own time to set yourself up for career future opportunities (many of them are free or low cost) to set you up for a promotion or new job by making you a more attractive candidate. Aside from being able to add it to your CV, you’ll be able to show your management team or future employers how you were proactive in your development while new opportunities were scarce. Hiring managers are likely to take note of this when the economy recovers and they’re in a position to look at building up their teams again. 

The good news is that the online short courses offered through Glyndwr University are just that- short! Short Courses only take a matter of weeks to complete! If you’re stretched for time but really want to get to grips with a new skill or topic they are the perfect option!

Online shortcourses with Glyndwr University

Worried about ‘studying’ as well as ‘working’ from home? Whilst some may have a separate office space, so many others are working from the kitchen table with dogs and children running around in the background, our online short courses are delivered in a flexible way allowing people with competing demands on their time to learn at a time that is most convenient for them. 

Our upcoming business short courses include; 

Business Resilience
Mentoring – Introduction to Principles and Practice
Future Leaders
Business Innovation and Growth
Business Operations Management
Improving Productivity and Profitability
E-Commerce and The Online Customer

Manage your own time and future by taking a look at our ever growing list of short courses or message us today via to find out how our flexible learning opportunities can help you get to where you want to be!

About the Author

Ann Bell

Ann Bell

Ann joined the Enterprise Team as a Bilingual Communications Officer during Summer 2020. Having spent ten years working in London in Communications, People and Operations focussed roles, Ann is glad to be working in a bilingual role once again having returned closer to her North Wales home with her young family.