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Top ten tips for Freshers

1. Don’t arrive late

You don’t want to move into halls and be left with the smallest kitchen cupboard and find everyone’s already filled the fridge with food.

This week is the perfect time to meet your hall mates and everyone else on campus!

2. Attend as many events as possible

There will be a whole range of events and activities organised don’t waste the opportunity by sitting in your room or sleeping in. These events will tell you everything you need to know about the university life you’re getting into – and is a perfect opportunity to meet new people.

Click here for details on what’s going on during Freshers’ Week

3. Get involved and join some clubs

Join as many clubs as you want. You don’t have to stick with them all year, just go to a few sessions and see which one fits you best.

You’re not signing up for the three years you’re here, it’s just a club not a new iPhone 6!

4. Freshers’ Flu – it’s real!

You’re going to get Freshers’ flu so be prepared! But there’s no need to just become accustomed to this new state of health just pack lots of cold flu tablets and medicines when you move in! Lucky for our students Boots is just five minutes’ walk from campus.

5. Socialise

Try and meet as many people as you can during Freshers’ Week. In the first few weeks there will be lots going on around campus – so there’s no need to stick with your flat mates, get to know fellow club members, the Students Union and even the university staff – you never know when you may need their help!

Also messaging your flat mate from the next room isn’t socialising!


6. Money matters

You might think you’re rich during Freshers’ Week… but you’re not! That money is a loan and it must last until your next loan instalment arrives in January. No one wants to be skint over Christmas so make sure you budget!

Read our helpful blog post on How To Manage Money during your time at university.

7. Drink responsibly

Well done on getting into university but please don’t kill all the brain cells that helped you to get here!

It might be tempting to go out and drink a lot during Freshers’ Week but just remember you’re here for three years, so there’s no need to cram a party in every night.

Surely you want to remember how much fun you had in Freshers’ Week?

8. Don’t be a slob

The real walk of shame in life is sneaking all the dirty plates and cups you’ve been hoarding in your room into the kitchen and letting them ‘soak’ in the sink!

My point is… don’t be that person and make a good first impression on your new house mates!

Though don’t go the opposite way and leave passive aggressive Post-It notes around the kitchen/living space asking for things to be cleaned within the first week. Learn how to communicate with one another.


9. Get your house in order

Remember to sign up to the local doctors and dentist and remember to change your address with the bank, car insurance, driving license etc.

Freshers’ week is the perfect time to find your surroundings too – find out where your local hospital and police station is and emergency contacts at the university.

10. But, ultimately, make friends and have fun!

About the Author

Kirstie Dolphin

Kirstie Dolphin

Kirstie graduated in Journalism and completed her NCTJ at Wrexham Glyndwr University while working as a news reporter at a local newspaper.

She recently moved back to North Wales, from Dorset, to join Wrexham Glyndwr University as media communications officer.

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