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Top Tips for Revising this Easter

Top Tips for Revising this Easter

Okay, so we’re half way through the Easter holidays. If you’ve been working hard all this week and are looking forward to a few days of chilling – then congrats on the determination. But, if you’ve spent the week binge watching Netflix (DO NOT START ANOTHER SERIES!) and deep down know you’ve got a pile of revision and essays to do, now is the perfect time to get yourself in gear.

You’ve relaxed, enjoyed your free time, but now it’s time to get to work – because there’s nothing worse than getting to the end of a two week break thinking you’ve wasted your time and could’ve done so much more.

Here’s our top tips for revising this Easter…

Don’t spend 5 hours making a colour coded revision timetable…

To then think ‘that’s enough for today’ and then not do any actual work. Its great idea to plan what you’re going to study, but don’t put too much effort into it – that’s not what’s going to count towards your grade (sorry).

Little and often

If you’ve got a big chunk to get through, don’t panic and try to do it all at once. Break it down into smaller parts (a chapter, 500 words 30 mins) and then take a break. You’ll be more likely to take information in if it’s in manageable bits.

Stick to your plan

If you’ve planned to look at 3 modules over 3 days - stick to it. And if you’ve forgotten that it’s your Nan’s 70th birthday and there’s a big family meal planned the day you’ve scheduled in a revision session - don’t abandon your plan completely! Accept that you’re probably not going to do anything that day, and plan to do it the day after... or the day before…if you’re really on top of things.

Know what works for you

People learn in different ways. You’ve probably had to revise for an exam before so might have figured out what kind of learner you are already. If not there are plenty of quizzes and tests online to help you find out. Maybe you’re a visual learner and need to make things colourful and image based, or maybe you’re better off re-writing or reading your notes aloud. It’s all down to how you work best.

You’re not alone

Remember that you’re not the only person revising or being swamped by coursework. And there are people and facilities here to help. Get in touch with your personal tutor if you’re having problems with your work – it’s their job to help you do the best you can - so keep in touch with them! Don’t forget that the library is also full of PCs and study areas if you need somewhere to focus.

Find out more about study support here.

About the Author

Hannah Lea

Hannah Lea

Hannah graduated from LJMU with a degree in English, Media and Cultural Studies in 2014. Since then, she has worked in a number of marketing and communications roles and is now Digital Communications Officer at Wrexham Glyndwr.