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Ten reasons to go to University

Ten reasons to go to University

It's your choice

Sitting through set lessons just because they are part of the curriculum are a very distant memory – studying at university will allow you to specialise in something that really enjoy and find mentally stimulating, and will set you on the path to a future career in a field that you’re actually interested in. 

Show me the money!

Going to university will certainly increase your future job prospects.  The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills1 indicates that graduates are more likely to be in employment than those without a degree.  And although you’ll feel poorer than ever whilst you study, you’re likely to reap the financial benefits in the future.  Last year the average working age salary of a graduate is £31,500 compared to £22,000 for a non-graduate.

You are the future

Whilst attending university will have a number of positive benefits on your future it could also be a great investment for your children.  With world-class research taking place at UK universities, you could be part of a discovery that could benefit future generations to come.  Just think of all the past pioneers that started their glittering careers by studying at university – could you be the next Stephen Hawking?

Change of scenery

Don’t want to be stuck in your home town forever?  Moving away to a completely new location for university could just be the start of your globetrotting adventures.  Location can be a really important decision when choosing a university – some people may want to stay close to home to be near family or save on accommodation costs whilst others will want to get as far away as possible to start a brand new life.  Universities in the UK welcome lots of international students every year and also offer study abroad opportunities for home students.

Independence Day

For the majority of students, moving away to university will be the first time you’ve lived away from home.  It can be a daunting experience, but it can also be a very beneficial learning curve.  They may seem like mundane everyday tasks but learning to cook, planning your social life and managing your own finances can all help to give you valuable lifelong skills.

Friends forever

The friends you make at university can often turn into friends for life.  No matter how diverse your lifestyle, background or culture, University can be a great way of bonding as you all share the same experiences together.  

Gain confidence

The combination of in-depth learning, becoming independent and meeting like-minded people can really help to boost your confidence whilst at university. That’s not to say it will be all plain-sailing; it’s not always that simple for everybody.  However, the great thing is that being at university you’ll be offered plenty of support, whether it’s your roommates, tutors or the student support team, there’ll be a friendly network of people all willing to give you a helping hand.  

Get involved

University isn’t just about studying a particular subject – it’s also about discovering yourself and developing yourself personally.  Your time at university will allow you plenty of opportunity to try new things and participate in a number of activities, some that you may never even have thought about before.  From sport to societies, there will be a whole host of extra-curricular activities to get involved with.

It's never too late

Although the majority of Freshers are school leavers, it’s not only 18 year olds who can benefit from going to university.    Universities accept a number of applications from mature students so whether you’re looking to make advancements in your current role, or you’re looking to make a fresh start with a different career then gaining a degree could be the path you are looking for.

Fun, fun, fun

Last but not least, put those books away – you’re also here to have a good time.  University is a unique experience so you need to make the most of it, and that includes having a LOT of fun! Between studying and socialising you won’t find much time to get bored at university!

1 Graduate Labour Market Statistics 2015

About the author

Heather Collin

Heather Collin

Heather graduated from University in History and English and has spent the last ten years working in Marketing, PR and Events.  She currently works in Digital Communications at Wrexham Glyndwr.

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