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Starting uni guest blog Alex

Starting uni…it’s a big thing right?

This week's blog is a guest post from Alex Whilding who will be starting her first year of study here at Wrexham Glyndwr.

She's shared some of her tips for preparing for university - thanks Alex!


It sure is a big deal starting university and for some of us moving to a new place. But all we can do is get ready and throw ourselves in to it.

Whether you’re moving away or staying at home we’re all in the same boat.

Making new friends. Starting a new course. These are big things in anybody’s life and a big stepping stone.

So how do we prepare?

Well I would definitely recommend visiting an open day. I came to one and it’s a brilliant way to interact with the tutors of your course and get a feel for the place, plus it relaxes you a bit.

Also check the timetable section of the Glyndwr website. You can get a feel for routine and see where you are from one day to the next.

You should check out the campus society app that you can download. It is a way of interacting with new students at Glyndwr and organise meet ups and get to know your potential class mates or roommates.

In conclusion be prepared for the best few years of your life! 

About the author

Alex Whilding

Alex Whilding

Alex is starting her first year at Wrexham Glyndwr in September to study BA Hons Broadcasting, Jounrnalism and Media Communications. In her spare time she also writes for the Wrexham AFC Matchday programme.