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The Ultimate Revision Playlist

The Ultimate Revision Playlist

It’s January, the holidays are over, it’s freezing outside and you’ve got exams – these are tough times for students!

There’s no getting away from the fact that most of you will be snowed under with revision at the moment, and we know how easy it is to get distracted so we’ve put together the ultimate playlist to keep you motivated. 

It may be a little cheesy at times, but we’ve chosen some uplifting songs which will hopefully give you a much needed boost!

Check out the full playlist below and turn up the volume (or put on your headphones for the sake of your housemates!)

The Ultimate Revision Playlist from WGU

Send us your ideas

What songs do you listen to when you’re revising?  Do you like calming, classical music or would you prefer something to get you really pumped up and raring to go.  We’d love it if you sent us some more suggestions for our playlist – why not head over to Facebook and add your choice of song in the comments.

Enjoy the playlist and good luck in those exams!

About the author

Heather Collin

Heather Collin

Heather graduated from University in History and English and has spent the last ten years working in Marketing, PR and Events.  She currently works in Digital Communications at Wrexham Glyndwr.

To get in touch with Heather please email