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Resilience - the new buzz word?

Resilience - the new buzz word?

Is it something we’re born with? Or something we build? Either way, it’s something people are talking a LOT about right now.

Resilience however is much more than just a buzz word.

Resilience is defined as being how well a person can adapt in response to events and changes. Having to adapt is something we’re ALL  faced with at this time. Having good resilience however doesn’t mean that person doesn’t react or have feelings in response to problems that arise, but more so that they have an ability to bounce back quicker and with less stress than those who are less resilient. Those that can call upon the ‘mental reservoir’ in times of need can regain control, take charge, lead effectively as well as reassure those that are perhaps a little less resilient and effectively steer the ship as and when the need arises. 

The good news is, we ALL possess some form of resilience; it’s just a matter of working out how we put it to good use in a crisis such as the one we’re currently in.   

Like any human skill, learning greater resilience is something that you can do at any age, from any background be it through Google, blogs such as this one, trained experts and psychologists, or through Academic practitioners such as Carrie Foster who leads some of our newly developed online business short courses, in particular ‘Business Resilience’.

At a time where organisations are undergoing big, complex and interdependent changes in a business environment where so much of what was certain in terms of business models, market forces and required talent capabilities have been rendered obsolete, never has there been a more pressing time to focus on developing the resilience of your management team and the leaders of your organisation and equipping them with the tools and techniques required to withstand business shocks.

 The coronavirus crisis, like every crisis, is testing even the most resilient leaders in business at this time. Our team are continually developing learning opportunities and our business support offering as we strive to help businesses to adapt and prosper in the ever changing environment of today;

Our 'Future Leaders' online short course has been created to help those who need to build confidence through a greater understanding of what’s needed from a leader in today’s workplace. We are also running an online short course specifically tailored to 'Business Operations Management' skills focussing in on how to lead operations as an essential part of running any business. 

If you would like to discuss short courses and services are available to support you and your business right now, don’t hesitate to get in touch via

About the author

Ann Bell

Ann Bell

Ann joined the Enterprise Team as a Bilingual Communications Officer during Summer 2020. Having spent ten years working (and living!) in London in Communications, People and Operations focussed roles, Ann is glad to be working in a bilingual role once again having returned closer to her North Wales home with her young family.