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Replying to your university offers

Replying to your university offers

If you applied to university by the January 15 UCAS deadline you will likely already have received some offers back from the universities you’ve applied for.  Congratulations!  Your awesome personal statement did the trick.

So what happens next?  And what if you haven’t had offers back yet?  Is it time to hit the panic button?

Still waiting for offers?

Firstly, definitely don’t panic if you don’t currently see five shiny offers waiting for you on your UCAS Track.  Offer time-scales at this time of year vary depending on a lot of factors, including the course you’ve applied for, the universities you’ve chosen and the individual admissions policies of those five universities    

If you’ve applied for courses that require an interview or an audition for example, the resulting decisions are going to take longer because we need to arrange these interviews and auditions.  Similarly, if you’ve applied for particularly popular courses, universities may not even start to consider applications to those courses until after the Jan 15 UCAS deadline passes. 

If you haven’t heard back from all of your choices yet, have applied for courses that don’t normally require an interview and have responded to everything your universities have asked of you, then you still shouldn’t be concerned.  This doesn’t mean you’re getting rejected.  Remember that universities have their own deadlines by which they need to respond to you, and a lot of applications to consider before that deadline.  We aim to have all decisions made by the end of March, which is still over a month away so don’t worry – you haven’t been forgotten!

It’s also important to remember that not making a decision immediately on the offers you’ve got doesn’t mean you’re in any danger of losing that offer.  Any offer we make to you is valid until you decide whether to accept it or not, and can’t be taken away before the deadline given to you by UCAS. 

Making your decision

Let’s say at this point that you’ve got three offers already, including one from us at Wrexham Glyndŵr University.  You’re concerned that it you don’t get back to us right now, you’ll lose your place.  You really don’t need to be worried about that, because as a university we’re committed to offering you a place when we make you that original offer.  All you need to do is make sure you reply to your offers by the date on your UCAS Track.  If you miss THAT deadline, then UCAS will decline your place automatically, and your place with us will be lost. 

Taking all this into account, in this situation you’re not going to lose anything if you wait for all your universities to come back to you with a decision before picking your Firm and Insurance choices.  Indeed, you can’t make a decision until you’ve got all of your decisions back or you withdraw from the choices that you are still waiting for.  

Firm or Insurance?

The offers you’ve got back from your choices will determine what options you get when you come to pick your destination.  If your offers are all conditional, then you will be able to pick your Firm choice (the place you want to go to most of all) and an Insurance choice (your back-up if you don’t achieve the conditions of your Firm choice). 

When picking an Insurance choice, you should always aim to pick an offer with ‘lower’ conditions than your Firm choice.  For example, if you have an offer from us to achieve 112 UCAS tariff points from your A Levels and you pick this offer as your Firm choice, your Insurance pick should be one that asks for fewer tariff points than 112.  If you pick a choice with a higher offer (say, 128 tariff points in this example) then if don’t achieve 112 tariff points you definitely won’t achieve the 128 and will run the risk of being rejected by both your Firm and Insurance choices.

If all of your offers are unconditional, then you choose one Firm choice, and then decline the rest.  You’ve got no conditions to meet, so you don’t need an Insurance choice.  Once you confirm an unconditional offer as your Firm choice that’s it; you’re going to the place you’ve picked. 

Even after you’ve chosen where you want to go, make sure you keep checking your email.  The place you’ve chosen will likely contact you that way over the coming months to tell you about various things, perhaps sending you some reading lists, details about accommodation, information about applicant days etc.  Also remember that if you’ve got any questions at all about the place you’re going, just get in touch with them. 

Email us at and we’ll tell you everything there is to know about us, about your chosen course and anything else you’d like to know about studying in Wrexham.  We look forward to hearing from you soon!

About the author

Andy Phillips

Andy Phillips

Andy graduated with a Masters degree in politics and international relations before going on to teach in further education for several years.  He joined the admissions team at Wrexham Glyndŵr University in 2008 and is currently the Admissions and Enquiry manager.

To get in touch with Andy or the admissions team please email