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Myth busters: the first year of uni

Myth busters: the first year of uni

By now, you’ve accepted your uni offer, sorted out your accommodation and (hopefully) applied for your student loan. You’re pretty much all set, just some packing and a few books to buy before you start the best three years of your life.

You’ve probably heard loads of stories about uni life from friends, older siblings or online. But how much of it is true? 

Let’s bust some myths about the first year of uni…

The first year doesn’t count

You will hear this… a lot. And ok, it might not count grade wise, but this doesn’t mean you should write it off. Your first year is really important for lots of reasons. Doing well in first year sets you in good stead for your second and third years when the work load will get a lot trickier.  It lets you adjust to uni life, in and outside of lectures and also introduces you to every student’s favourite thing – referencing.

You’ll make all your friends during freshers

Chances are a lot of the people you’ll meet during freshers won’t be the people you’re celebrating with at graduation. Don’t get me wrong – they might be – but you’ll also meet lots of other likeminded people on your course, in societies and in and around uni. So try not to feel the pressure to make friends as soon as you arrive, you’ll find people that you really click with throughout your time at uni.

You’ll miss out if you don’t go on every night out

It might be tempting, but going on every night out will have a serious impact on your health and your bank balance. A lot of freshers feel that they’ll miss out on something amazing if they’re not there – but chances are you won’t. And if you do, there’ll be plenty more opportunities to make up for it during your time at uni. So if you don’t want to go out, don’t. There’s nothing wrong with a nice chilled night in.

You need to buy EVERYTHING before you arrive

It’s great to feel prepared for moving away from home (for potentially the first time) but that doesn’t mean you have to spend lots of money, buying new things and cramming everything into mum and dad’s car when moving day arrives. Buy the basics and set aside some money for when you’ve arrived at uni to buy anything else that you need. It’s much better than bringing way too much stuff that you’ll never use!

You'll live off nothing but takeaways and pot noodles

Although this might be the case, it doesn’t have to be. Yes it’s great to have a takeaway every now and again, and sometimes you won’t have time to do anything more than shove something in the microwave. But there are loads of quick, easy and cheap meals that you can make for yourself, or for your whole flat. Have a look on the internet for meal ideas – or take a look at some of our favourite recipes like spicy sausage rice or overnight oats.

About the author

Hannah Lea

Hannah Lea

Hannah graduated from LJMU with a degree in English, Media and Cultural Studies in 2014. Since then, she has worked in a number of marketing and communications roles and is now Digital Communications Officer at Wrexham Glyndwr.