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How to make friends at University

How to make friends at University

Heading off to University, especially if you are moving away from home, can seem pretty scary particularly when it comes to meeting new people and making friends. 

Some people may hide it better than others, but it’s important to remember that most people will be in the same boat as yourself and will be looking for exactly the same thing. 

Whilst you may arrive feeling a little lonely and daunted at the prospect, bonds that are formed whilst at University (many of them in the first few weeks of arriving) are likely to turn into lifelong friendships.

But how exactly do you go about making friends as an adult?

Well as daunting as it may sound, you are definitely going to have to put yourself out there! Shutting yourself in your room away from the crowd may be a great way to get your coursework completed but it’s not going to help you to meet people.  Be a little brave and sit next to someone in class, in the canteen or at the bar.  Striking up a simple conversation (usually the whole ‘where are you from?’ and ‘what are you studying?’ is enough to break the ice) and you could find yourself on the way to a beautiful friendship.  Those 9am lectures will definitely seem a lot more tolerable when you have a comrade to sit beside.

Friends who sweat together, stay together!

One of the best opportunities for meeting like-minded people at University is to join a sports club or society.  Being part of a team with people who enjoy the same things as you is a great way to bond and as well as the bonus of keeping fit (a great remedy for the typical student diet of Pot Noodles) there will be plenty of social occasions to get to know your fellow teammates.

Don’t worry if sport isn’t your thing – there are plenty of other societies to catch your interest.  Whether you are an avid Harry Potter fan, a budding horticulturist or a horror film aficionado, there are bound to be other people who share the same interests as you.  Meeting up once a week to celebrate your shared interests can be a lot of fun and you are bound to form some great connections. 

Don’t be put off if you can’t find a suitable society to join – set one up yourself!  Even if you think your interest is ‘unique’ I bet you there’ll be at least one other person around that will be happy to join you in a ritual celebration of it!

Be social on Social Media

Although nothing beats getting out and meeting people in person, you could still meet people from the comfort of your own armchair.  More and more people meet their partner online through dating sites or social media, so there is certainly no harm in using it to form new friendships at university.

By interacting with fellow students online, you’ll likely find some common ground whether it’s through your coursework or your love of nights out!  Make sure you keep your eye on the Students' Union social media pages for ways to engage. 

Hopefully we have given you some good ideas on how to make friends! We understand that you aren’t always going to get on with everyone you meet, but put in a little effort and you could leave university not only with a degree, but also with friends for life.

If you have any good ideas for making friends during your time at uni, then let us know - we’d love to hear your stories!

About the author

Codie Austin

Codie Austin

This is a guest post on behalf of Wrexham Glyndwr Students’ Union, written by Codie Austin, Digital and Communication Coordinator.

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