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Results day

How to keep calm on results day

Results day is looming and the wait is almost over for thousands of students up and down the country.

For many students, this time of year can be an anxious time. The worry about whether all your hard work has paid off and if you’ll get the grades needed to carry on your chosen pathway, can get all a bit too much. But remember, help and guidance is available whatever the outcome on Thursday.

It’s sometimes hard to find any positives when you don’t get the grades but if you are still planning to go to university, Clearing can be an option for you.

Every year, thousands of students who don’t get the grades they were expecting end up in Clearing so you’re not alone. You can find more information about Clearing and how to prepare for it on our Clearing section on our website.

So ahead of August 15, all of us at Wrexham Glyndwr University would like to wish you all the very best and some of our staff have a few tips on how to keep calm on results day:

  • “Stay calm and remember whatever happens there are always other options. If your chosen pathway isn’t now possible, find someone to talk to to discuss your options – like resits or doing an alternative course. If you had applied to university, call them up as they still might accept you with the grades you have. Also, don’t feel pressurised in telling people your results if you don’t want to.  People seem to share everything on social media these days so only tell people if you want to.”, Antonia


  • “If you are still planning on going to university, have your UCAS identification number to hand when calling your chosen university, this way it is quicker and easier to receive a decision from an admissions tutor. Also call the University Clearing numbers off of a landline and have a mobile phone handy. If admissions tutors say they will get back to you, make sure you give them your mobile number so you have two available lines of contact," Ben


  • "Whether you get the results you want or just miss out, I thing to keep this in mind is a good leveller: You are 100% in charge of your life. So whether you didn’t get the grades you wanted or have maybe had some second thoughts about choices you’ve made earlier, you’re totally in control of your path and the direction you’re travelling in. Don’t dwell on what’s happened or what you could’ve or should’ve done. Focus on what you want to do now, figure out a way to execute on it and go on the offensive. Back on results day in 2001 I didn’t get the grades I hoped for. It was disappointing, but not succeeding at that moment put me on a different path to happiness, experiences and opportunities that would’ve been very different had I been better at some tests I can barely remember now," Daniel


  • “Meet up with friends. Whether you’re celebrating or commiserating results, getting together with friends is always a good idea. Enjoy that you’ve finished your exams and are at the beginning of your next chapter… or, if you don’t know what your next move is, talking it though with your mates could help you figure it out,” Hannah

  • Don’t do it alone. Whatever the result it’s always better when you’re in the company of good friends. If things don’t go to plan, chatting with friends will help you assess the options available to you,  you can then decide on your next steps. If everything does go to plan, at least you have someone there to celebrate with when it’s all over," Kate


And remember.....In a few years’ time your grades will probably be long forgotten. So stay focused on moving forward and take time to relax and unwind from it all.

About the author

Antonia Jones

Antonia Jones

Antonia graduated in journalism and worked a decade in local and regional news media before joining Wrexham Glyndwr University in 2013 as media and communications manager. She is now the university's digital communications manager.

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