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How can I organise myself at university?

How can I organise myself at university?

I thrive on being organised and when I’m not it can make me feel stressed and a little out of sorts.

As a busy working mum, I know how important it is to stay on the ball and on top of things. With so much going on in and out of work, it can be hard to balance everything if you’re not organised. Some people are born organisers, others less so, but even if you’re not as organised as you want to be, there is always time to learn.

It is a balancing act at university - you could be juggling your studies with part-time work or raising a family, or both! Finding time to have fun and socialise on top of everything else too is also important. So what better way to start the organisation process (if you haven’t already) than right now while you are studying.

You may find yourself excelling in one aspect but not the other and this is perfectly normal. However, being organised has proven to improve performance and it is important to try and organise your priorities by making simple adjustments to your everyday life.

Write a to do list

A check list is a must for me and it’s really satisfying ticking things off! The to-do list can be written on paper or in notes on your phone or computer. Having a daily list helps me break down my day into smaller, achievable tasks. I write one every day and make sure that larger, more daunting tasks are spread over a few days.

Buy a diary

Call me old fashioned but I prefer to keep a diary as I feel the act of physically writing tasks down prepares me for them.  I tend to buy one small enough to carry in my bag but big enough to write all my notes in. Appointments also go into my phone calendar as well as in my diary so I can never forget them that way. Make sure you add a diary to your Christmas list this year!

Plan your meals

It is important to eat healthily, especially when you have a busy lifestyle. It’s good to plan meals in advance so that you know what you’re buying from the supermarket and it then becomes less of a headache after a long day trying to work out what to cook and whether or not you have all the ingredients.

Get enough sleep  

It’s not easy when you have lots to do but getting enough sleep is very important to help you function properly on a day-to-day basis. If you lack in energy you will find even the smallest and simplest of tasks hard to manage. Try and get a minimum of 7/8 hours a night. I find having a bath or reading a few pages of a book in bed quickly sends me off to dreamland.

Learn to say no

We can’t be everywhere and do everything all the time so it’s ok to say no. Yes it’s nice being invited out and it is important to socialise while you are studying, but when deadlines are looming just learn to say no. Prioritise your studies as it’s what you are here for at the end of the day.

About the author

Antonia Jones

Antonia Jones

Antonia graduated in journalism and worked a decade in local and regional news media before joining Wrexham Glyndwr University in 2013 as media and communications manager. She is now the university's digital communications manager.

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