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Graduation - Harry Potter style

Graduation - Harry Potter style

No we don’t run any courses on Witchcraft and Wizardry, but we do hope that you had a magical time at University – and of course the WGU Graduation colours are not too dissimilar from that of Gryffyndor house.

So what better to describe your graduation day than some appropriate Harry Potter gifs?

These things all happened at Hogwarts, and you can be sure they’ll happen on your graduation day!

You’ll pretend you’re at Hogwarts when you put your gown on

You’ll feel really nervous

Everyone will get snap happy

Someone will fall over – let’s hope it’s not you…

Someone you’ve never heard of will make a speech

You’ll feel hotter than you ever have in your whole life

Your hands will hurt from all that clapping

That hat-throwing photo

You WILL get hat hair

Your parents will be so proud

You’ll probably feel sad that it’s all over

But just enjoy the celebrations!

About the author

Heather Collin

Heather Collin

Heather graduated from University in History and English and has spent the last ten years working in Marketing, PR and Events.  She currently works in Digital Communications at Wrexham Glyndwr.

To get in touch with Heather please email