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Eurovision Postcard

Eurovision Postcard: Day 4

WGU graduate Jamie Davies will be writing daily blogs from his first ever experience covering the Eurovision Song Contest for ESCplus in Lisbon, Portugal. 

Semi-final 1 is done and as we start working on Semi-final 2, Cyprus is looking to be a stronger contender by the day for their first ever crown.

If this was to be the result, then Eurovision is becoming a contest that any song could win.

When Salvador Sobral won in Kiev last year for Portugal, it was Portugal’s first ever Eurovision win after 53 attempts which of course is 53 years. After speaking to so many Portuguese fans this week the repetitive words of ‘If Portugal can win Eurovision then anyone can’. And how true that statement is starting to be.

While I’m writing this I’ve just checked the Eurovision odds and now Lithuania has jumped up to fifth favourites for the title come Saturday. Shows how much I know as I predicted Ieva Zasimauskaite would not qualify to the Grand Final from the first semi-final…

Right then! To Wednesday night’s Jury Show!

18 countries competed to impress the music judges watching from all over Europe and Australia.

And I must admit, Semi-final 2 is nowhere near the same level of performances. It was still a good show but the first Semi-final hosted so many potential winners.

Alexander Rybak was BAK (I’m sorry but I had to put that pun in there!) and started off the show by being 1st in the running order. While I am writing this the 2009 winner is the second favourite to take a second title in nine years.

We also saw the likes of Poland’s Gromee and Lukas Meijer performing as the 11th song and that is my personal favourite of Semi-final 2 so I have my fingers, toes and teeth crossed for them to make Saturday’s showdown.

If you do watch Poland’s performance on Thursday night, keep an eye out for Gromee’s bizarre dancing. I told him his dancing is creepy and he laughed as a response. If I had to describe his moves it’s like a wave dance. I can’t say anything because I dance worse than PSY. ‌

Only 10 countries can qualify in Thursday night’s show and here are my predictions:

  • Norway (Winner)
  • Ukraine
  • Australia
  • Sweden
  • Montenegro
  • Malta
  • Netherlands
  • Moldova
  • Denmark
  • Slovenia

But before I attended Wednesday night’s show, commentary duties had to be done first. Working alongside Adrian, who is from Spain, we commentated on Semi-final 2’s dress rehearsal.

The commentary has been a fantastic experience this week! I may never follow the footsteps of Graham Norton or Terry Wogan but at least I traced a few of their steps just for this week.

We gathered just over 20,000 viewers from our commentaries on Monday and Wednesday and it is a nice feeling to actually have that amount of people taking an interest in our (ESCplus) coverage.

WATCH: Semi-final 2 Dress Rehearsal Live Commentary

I had a few hours between the commentary and the Jury Show and was able to meet up with a friend that I met two years ago at the Crucible when covering the 2016 World Snooker Championship.

eurovision cafe

Antonio Barraso is a local in Lisbon and is a sports journalist for the national newspaper, Abola. He just got back from last weekend’s World Snooker Championship in Sheffield after covering the whole event for Abola.

And Antonio is no normal journalist/writer. This is a guy who looks for different angles and wants to have fun when he is at work. He sure made those 17 long days at the Crucible bearable as we both sat next to each other in the media centre.

I always believe that you have to be different to do wonders in your career and Antonio is just like that. A lot of journalists cover the same thing for their bosses which is fine but you won’t get me to read on if I’ve already seen it from somewhere else. Antonio came to my homeland and it was a pleasure to visit his home, um prazer de se reunir!

Can’t say I’m looking forward to Thursday too much as it will be my last full day in the capital of Portugal!

Read day 5 soon!


About the author

Jamie Davies

Jamie Davies

Hello, fellow Eurovision nuts! Eurovision was once an event I despised but come 2011 a big object must have landed on my head and now I have joined the Euro clan! I host a radio show called ‘Euro Jam’ for Calon 105FM and as you can see I like to scribble about Eurovision whenever the opportunity comes!