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How to get the Wrexham Glyndwr University App-sperience

Every penny counts when you start university, which is why your humble smart phone or tablet is probably one of the most essential tools you’ll bring along for the ride.

Whether you’re studying at Wrexham Glyndwr University or elsewhere, your smart phone will manage your social life, store your timetable and record every minute of your experience, whether it be photos or video.

But with more than four million apps available across both the Apple and Android stores, which ones set themselves apart and become essential for helping you navigate your university experience?

With so many to choose from, here’s the 12 free apps I would’ve taken in a heartbeat over hastily scribbled notes on pieces of ragged paper back when I studied in 2001…

Big Red Arrow

Finding your way around your new campus can be tricky, but Big Red Arrow uses augmented reality (the same source as Pokémon Go) to overlay giant arrows over points of interest (POIs) around a location. At Wrexham Glyndwr University our arrows are of course pink and yellow, but whatever the colour this app will help you navigate a site.

NUS Extra

You’ve got your shiny new NUS card and you’re ready to use it! Hang on a second, where can I find those sweet, sweet discounts? The NUS Extra app is your enabling friend… showcasing as it does hundreds of discounts at POIs around your location. You can even get notifications of offers as they go live.

The Trainline

Along with your NUS card, chances are that your 16-25 Railcard will also be seeing frequent use during your time at university. So whether you’re travelling to or from Wrexham General (or any of the other 2,500 railway stations in the UK), luckily The Trainline app puts ticket prices, arrivals and departures at your fingertips.

Personal Banking

So strictly speaking this isn’t one specific app, but you and your bank account are likely to become intimately acquainted during your time at university, so it’s worth having your bank’s app easily accessible on your smartphone as and when you need it.

Catch-Up TV/Video On-Demand

Again, strictly speaking not one single app, but if you’re not planning on dragging your TV with you to your new digs, it’s worth downloading your catch-up services like BBC iPlayer or video on-demand services like Netflix, Amazon Prime or YouTube. Please note though that from 1st September 2016, if you want to watch catch-up services on your smartphone or tablet, you must own a TV Licence.

Google Maps

Chances are you’re in a new place, but don’t know where anything is… to borrow a meme, Google is your friend (or Google Maps in particular). You know all this already, but use it to get turn by turn directions, find places to eat and shop around you, check out Street View and more.


Got to work on project with your new course colleagues? Slack is a real-time messaging app that lets you share files, video and more, as well as integrating with services like Dropbox and Google Drive.

Tiny Scanner

You know how it is, you’re out and about and you think to yourself ‘if only I had a convenient, pocket-sized scanner to be able to make pertinent copies of important documents or receipts at a scale that suits me’. Well good news, your wait is over.


You want to carry on chasing that cheddar whilst learning? Friend, I hear you... that skrilla don’t come for free. The good news is a quick download of the app from Reed and you’ll be able to discover jobs of all shapes and sizes in Wrexham and beyond.

The Rock Clock

A good alarm clock can be hard to come by, which is why I’ve suggested the most electrifying alarm clock app in the world. The Rock Clock from Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is a motivational alarm clock that features no snooze feature… I REPEAT NO SNOOZE FEATURE, as well as options to get up when ‘The Great One’ himself gets up (heads-up Jack, The Rock gets up EARLY).


Take 3D Photos… yep, you heard me, honest to goodness 3D photos that are 3D and everything. That photo of your dog has never looked so lifelike.

Sleep Talk Recorder

After stumbling in at 4am and crashing next to a friend on their couch, you absolutely want to be able to save those precious, unforgettable memories of when they call out for their favourite teddy bear mid-snore... Sleep Talk Recorder is that glorious memory saver.

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Dan Shires

Dan Shires

A lover of all things creative, Dan has been working in marketing, PR and communications since graduating with a journalism degree in 2004. He currently works in Wrexham Glyndwr University’s marketing department; get in touch with him on