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An opportunity to diversify the skillset of your workforce

Diversify the skillset of your workforce

What can you remember from your own work experience or work placement days? 

I can clearly recall how instrumental my own work experience placements were to my personal and professional development; my understanding and respect for ‘real life’ work; being made to feel a part of a professional environment, being spoken to as an equal and being included and given an opportunity to add value, however small that may have been at that time it meant a GREAT deal to me. 

Things have moved on enormously in the world of work experience placements over the years as have apprenticeship schemes and programmes and now in 2021 at Glyndwr University, we have introduced a brand new module that forms part of the international postgraduate master’s degree in the Business, Engineering and Computing subject areas in the form of Advanced Practice Placements. These 12 week placements commencing from September ‘21, be it at a business premises or virtually supporting with projects, research or analytics will enrichen our postgraduates experiences beyond the classroom- something that is extremely valuable at this time. 

Our own University’s Vice Chancellor and Chief Executive Professor Maria Hinfelaar recently set out the worrying time ahead for students who had started their studies when the world was looking very different and yet now face such uncertain prospects and continued disruption as a result of the pandemic;

In the midst of this crisis, a talented generation of tens of thousands of young people as well as mature students graduated in summer 2020 from universities and other places of education, full of energy and ambition.

Another cohort will follow in a few months’ time, which will have again seen massive disruption to their lives. So what can be done to harness their potential and to ensure that our society does not witness a lost generation, scarred by circumstances not of their making?”

This is where we can step in and play our part in the renewal and recovery effort which is to come. The Enterprise Team are known for our dedication and passion for learning opportunities and collaboration with industry. Never has there been a more important time for these two things to be brought together.

As we reach out to businesses in the local and surrounding areas to partner with us and to offer short term placements for our international postgraduate students, each with a wealth of skills, knowledge and appetite for learning, we hope to strengthen not only our relationships with our contacts in industry and business but also play a part in helping nurture culture within existing workplaces, that may be in need of some skillset diversity and to explore the wider picture of opportunity when it comes to the benefits of industry-academia collaboration.

Whilst workplace diversity offers numerous benefits including increased productivity and profitability, it is also known that diverse teams tend to perform better. By inviting our postgraduates into your business you are opening up the possibility of new ways of problem solving as well as fresh analytical thinking. This in turn will contribute to increase innovation within your business and people, ensuring that you are leading for the future. 

Despite this still being an uncertain time for many businesses, we are confident that taking part in an Advanced Practice placement partnership is a positive move and step forward for local businesses and companies as they themselves look to the future of their businesses and people. What’s also helpful to know at this time, is that our students have adapted to virtual learning incredibly well over the past year so if you are only in a position to be able to offer a virtual placement at this time, then that would also be most welcomed! 

If Advanced Practice Placements are something you’d like to explore further, our team would love to hear from you via for full placement details see also Advanced Practice Placements  

About the author

Ann Bell

Ann Bell

Ann joined the Enterprise Team as a Bilingual Communications Officer having spent ten years working in London in Communications, People and Operations focussed roles, Ann is glad to be working in a bilingual role once again having returned closer to her North Wales home with her young family.