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A guide to surviving uni

WGU Insiders:
A guide to surviving uni

Hi, my name is Ebony and I’m currently studying in my second year of the Hospitality, tourism and events management course here at Wrexham Glyndwr University. Here is my insider’s guide to surviving university.


I’d say the most important thing when joining university is making friends, for some people like myself, who move to a new location for university, it can be quite daunting the idea of not knowing anyone. I found when I moved into halls I made friends very quickly, however other than living with people, you can still make friends on your course or by joining some of the many clubs and societies that Wrexham Glyndwr has to offer.

I would advise getting out and chatting to people, the university has such a diverse group of students everyone is sure to make friends!


I have loved every moment of my course so far (except maybe the 9am starts!) since studying at the university. I have learned and advanced my skills dramatically and that is down to the help and support given by the lecturers and other staff at the university. If there’s ever a problem, there is always someone on hand who can help to sort the issue out with a quick phone call or email.

For my first two years of study my favourite subject was marketing. Classes were always engaging and meant that we were able to debate current and trending topics, in a fun and friendly manner. I always found assignments exciting, and my lecturer really pushed people to be creative and think outside of the box which lead to me getting my best marks for the year in this module.

For my second year I have loved all my modules so far. One example is, 'engaging and leading people' which shows a wonderful insight into how to lead a team 9which is extremely important for this sort of career!) My events management and execution model combines the theoretical side as well as the practical side to events management. Using her own personal knowledge gained over an impressive career, my lecturer  covers all the aspects of event planning which are sure to make the classes events a success.


University is filled with wonderful opportunities to develop existing stills or to learn new ones. Now in my second year of the course, I have had the opportunity to plan an event alongside my other classmates.

Both groups have both been allocated charities to host an event for. My group have been given the wonderful charity FareShare which helps re-distribute surplus or unwanted food to over 226 other charities who help feed those with the highest need.

The other half of my class have been given the charity Nightingale House Hospice which help give critical care to those with life-shortening illnesses.

Being able to plan these events are an amazing opportunity for all those on my course as it gives real hands-on experience, this practical style of learning combined with the writing assessments means the course is well rounded with a mixture of both the practical and theoretical side of hospitality, tourism and events. Having these opportunities looks brilliant on any CV.

Work/Life balance

Sometimes it’s not always easy to balance university work as well as maybe part time work and having a social life.

The best advice I can give is to start assignments early, when the briefs are posted on Moodle spend a day or so just to plan out and create some interesting ideas. Once you’ve got an idea its easy to work from there and develop the idea further making it easier when it comes to the full write up of an assignment.

If you’re looking to get work in the area I would advise part-time as otherwise it may be too much to do all at once.

About the author

Ebony Banks

Ebony Banks

Ebony is a second year, Hospitality, Tourism & Events Management student. She's also a WGU Insider - sharing her student experience on Instagram.