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What happens now?! Advice for applicants

What happens now?! Advice for applicants

The COVID-19 pandemic has meant a lot of things now seem very much up in the air. And we know that this means alot of students expecting to go to uni in September have a lot more questions about what happens now... our Admissions manager, Andy Phillips answers some of your questions.

Q – How have my deadlines changed? Do I have longer to wait for an offer or longer to make my decision when I get one?

A- UCAS deadlines have indeed changed, giving you (and us!) a little more time to make decisions on things. Universities now have two weeks extra to make decisions on applications received by the January 15th deadline. Applicants have a similar two week extension to the deadline to make their decision on their Firm and Insurance choice. IF you’re a Primary Education applicant then these deadlines differ slightly, so check your communications from UCAS for details in these cases.

We hope we won’t need extensions, and that your offer will be with you by the beginning of May at the latest. Please bear with us if we’re a little late, though!

Q – I know I have longer to make a decision, but I just want an unconditional offer now so how do I accept one of those?

A - Please make sure you take the time you need to make your choices correctly. We’re all in this together, and your university choices will do their best to support you though this process. Don’t rush this, and don’t accept an unconditional just because it’s unconditional. Try and still choose the university that suits you, and your career goals the best. That may well be an unconditional offer, but take the time to figure that out first.

Q – I wanted to see the universities I’m considering before I made my mind up. How is THAT going to work?!

A - You may not be able to visit the places you wanted to before making your mind up, but that doesn’t mean universities won’t be providing services to try and replicate the experience of visiting them. We’ve launched our virtual tours for example, so you’ll be able to get a feel for Wrexham Glyndwr University from your home. IF in doubt, ask us questions. We’re not in the office, but email or webchat with us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Q - How will the university revise my conditional offer, bearing in mind the fact I can’t sit my exams!

A – At this point, we won’t be changing your conditional offer. We’ll still be looking for the same grades we asked for originally. This is because education systems in the UK are revising their processes to ensure that all students will get fair grades at the end of their courses of study even though they won’t be able to sit their exams.

Having said that, we are of course going to be as flexible as possible when results are released, so that this process is as stress-free as possible for you. If your eventual grades don’t hit the points total we asked for, we’re going to take everything in to account. Please contact us if you’re worried, and we’ll be happy to put your mind at rest. Email or use our webchat service.

Q – I’ve changed my mind about where I wish to study because of all this. Can I do that?

A – If you originally declined our offer and now wish to re-consider that, you just need to contact us so we can facilitate that for you. Universities will be supportive at this time, and everyone will be working together to make this whole process as easy as possible for you. Just get in touch and we’ll talk to you about your own individual circumstances and try to make your day a little better.

About the Author

Andy Phillips

Andy Phillips

Andy graduated with a Masters degree in politics and international relations before going on to teach in further education for several years.  He joined the admissions team at Wrexham Glynd┼Ár University in 2008 and is currently the Admissions and Enquiry manager. 

To get in touch with Andy or the admissions team please email