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10 things every fresher needs to know

10 things every
fresher needs to know

Going to university can be the best, most-exciting time of your life but it can also be quite a nerve-wracking experience.

You’ll go through all sorts of emotions as a Fresher as you experience many things for the first time – here’s what to expect from your first year at University!

1. You’ll meet loads of new people

Heading to a new place can be daunting but don’t forget that everyone else is pretty much in the same boat.  You’re bound to feel anxious but a few words on your first day to break the ice could just be the start of a life-long friendship!

2. Don’t forget to enrol

In the excitement of arriving at University, it’s easy to forget about the admin tasks that you still need to do.  Even if you’ve enrolled online, you’ll still need to do a few things in person.  This is important so that everything is in place when you start your course, and you may not be able to access your student loan unless you enrol.  Make it one of the first things you do and then you’re free to enjoy the rest of Fresher’s week!

3. Anyone who is anyone goes to the Fresher’s fair

If you don’t enjoy getting freebies, then are you really a student?  The Fresher’s Fair is the main event during Fresher’s week and is your main opportunity to interact with everyone on campus, from other students, Student Union reps, teams and societies and local community groups.

And if you really need persuading to go along… all I can say is FREE PIZZA!

4. You’ll soon get the hang of ‘adulting’

You’ll gain so much independence if you’ve living away from home for the first time – from opening up your own bank account and managing your own finances to doing all your own cooking and cleaning (although everyone always has a bag of clothes that they take back home to their parents!)

5. You may or may not get homesick…

It’s okay to miss your family and friends – University can be a bit of a shock to the system so if you ever need to get anything off your chest, don’t forget that there are plenty of people around to talk to whether it’s one of your housemates or a member of our friendly student support team.

It’s also okay not to miss your family too much if you’re having such a great experience, but a quick phone call every now and again would likely be appreciated!

6. But you’ll definitely get sick

It’s unavoidable – the first few weeks of mingling (as well as the tiredness and dare we say, over indulgence) can play havoc with your immune system, but hang on in there it will get better! It’s always good to register with the local GP while you’re at uni but Fresher’s Flu isn’t serious – some Berocca and a couple of days in bed and you’ll be raring to go.  

7.  You’ll become an expert at juggling

Not literally – although there might be some sort of society for that!

Managing your time is crucial at University – as well as lectures and tutorials, much of your course will be based on independent study so it’s important to try and get into a routine.  Set aside plenty of time for study, but don’t forget to take lots of breaks and make sure you leave time to have a social life too.  Whilst getting the best grades will help you in your future career, it’s also good to be a well-rounded individual!

8.  Being a student comes with privileges

You’re bound to get loads of information at the Fresher’s Fair, but make sure you sign up to an NUS card, which will give you access to loads of discounts during your time at university.  From cheap eats to discounted travel, it’s a great way to helping you stretch that budget even further.

9.  It’s never too early to think about your second year

Most second-year students tend to live off campus, so you’ll probably want to start thinking about where you’ll live – and who you’ll live with – as early as possible to make sure you get the pick of the bunch.  Give yourself time to settle in of course, but as soon as friendship groups start to form, and you’re a bit more familiar with the local area then it’s time to get house hunting!

10.  Make the most of it!

Your time as a Fresher is all about settling into a new way of life, making new friends and learning LOTS of new things so enjoy it!  The academic side of things will most certainly ramp up in years 2 and 3, so try to make the most of the experience in your first year!

About the author

Alexandra Layla

Alexandra Layla

Alex is a second year student here at Wrexham Glyndwr University, studying Graphic Design 

To get in touch with Alexandra email