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Blog: Lecturer Blogs

Read the latest blogs written by our lecturers - from trends in their industry to the big questions they ask on their courses. 

Wellbeing in worrying times

Wellbeing in worrying times

Health lecturer, Justine Mason discusses how our wellbeing is closely linked to our physical and mental health and what to do when we can’t do the things we would normally do to take care of ourselves.

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corona virus visualization

COVID-19 – our expert separates fact from fiction

COVID-19 is a new strain of Coronavirus which has swept the globe and changed the way we live. But what exactly IS a virus and what can we do to slow the spread? Dr Neil Pickles, an Associate Dean of our Faculty of Art, Science and Technology at WGU is here to explain.

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arts for wellbeing

arts for wellbeing: Making to feel good

Mental Health lecturer, Rachel Byron, shares her thoughts and ideas for creating and crafts to help our wellbeing during challenging times.

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coronavirus tourism

Coronavirus and Tourism – why the industry WILL recover

Tourism is an industry that’s vulnerable to crises like the Coronavirus pandemic but also adept at recovering from them. Dr Marcus Hansen, Hospitality, Tourism and Events Programme Leader at WGU, writes about how the industry will recover - and how it will need to change.

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Climate change

Climate Change: Why So Much Doubt and Inaction?

If the latest wild weather changes have you thinking about climate change, read this first in a series of blogs on the topic from our lecturer David Sprake. In it he explains how climate experts reached a very clear consensus on the fact that it is definitely happening.

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