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The Science Behind Hugging & The Show Goes on for Theatres

Reported in the media as ‘happy hugging day’, the 17th May was a day that millions across the United Kingdom reunited with loved ones, returned to their favourite venues (indoors) and perhaps even boarded a flight to sunnier climates as we took one step nearer to normality in the fight against COVID-19.

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Nature and Normality: The School Run Reflections of a Working Mum

So things are sort of normal, but sort of not. And how do we deal with that mentally? How are we supposed to be behaving? Is this normality, right now? Or was back then normal? Will the future be normal, and if so, what kind of normal?

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Silver Linings – Learnings from a Virtual Programme

Silver Linings – Learnings from a Virtual Programme

It became clear that in many ways, the programme was more important than ever. Work environments, in many cases, were changing beyond all recognition. The need for a competitive “edge”, and the ability to deal with change would be more important than ever before.

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International Nurses Day: Reflection, giving thanks & a trip down memory lane

International Nurses Day is a day Angela Williams, Senior Lecturer in Nursing and nurse educator colleagues at Glyndwr University recognise annually An occasion which the team commemorate, using the day to praise the achievements of the nursing profession.

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Covid Vaccine

Covid 19 Vaccine: Questions Answered

There is widespread discussion regarding possible mutations and variants of the virus and concerns as to how effective these variants may or may not be against the vaccine. We asked Dr Neil Pickles, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs his expertise on virus mutations.

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