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How Have our Experiences with Products Changed?

With the world slowly coming out of COVID restrictions, lecturer Daniel Knox found himself looking back over the last few years to see how the world of product design might have changed and specifically how our interactions and personal experiences with products have changed.

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Re-claiming wellbeing: The joys of friendship

One of the greatest joys of friendship is that there is no need to perpetually impress, prove yourself or offer more - which feels like a sanctuary in a demanding world. This blog is part of the WGU Health and Wellbeing Team’s drive to re-claim wellbeing. Could nurturing our friendships help us to do this?

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Turning ideas into reality - guest blog by Caryl Owen

Turning ideas into reality

If someone had told me a year ago, I'd be working full-time on two businesses I'd created during lockdown - I'd never have believed them...

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Reclamation and Renewal: The Museum of Wellbeing

It’s amazing how STUFF accumulates. I’ve always considered myself pretty good at having regular sort-outs, but I realised over lockdown how much I’ve got in drawers and cupboards that is just sitting there, taking up space. So, like many others, I’ve been making a real effort to have a big old sort out.

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Re-claiming wellbeing: Dancing & learning choreography to improve wellbeing

This year has been a strange one. Whilst I have continued to exercise through the medium of zoom, or going for a socially distanced run with a friend, I haven’t been doing my go to stress reliever which are my dance classes.

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