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Welcome to Wrexham Glyndŵr University’s blog.  Written by current staff and students we aim to give an insight to what it’s really like to study here; offering helpful tips and answering questions for any potential students that are considering applying to Wrexham Glyndŵr.

Our posts range from information about your course and campus life to news and events happening in the local area. We’ll also cover some of the more national issues affecting the education sector.

Got any suggestions for the blog or just want to join in the conversation? Then tweet us at @glyndwruni using the hashtag #wgublog

UCAS Deadline 2020

UCAS Deadline 2020

If you’re applying to university the UCAS deadline is probably on your mind right now. January 15th is the ‘equal consideration’ UCAS deadline which means that any applications received ‘on time’ (before 6pm on Jan 15 2020) must be given equal academic consideration by the universities you’ve applied to.

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11 things every new student should do in Wrexham

11 things every new student should do in Wrexham

If you’ve just arrived in Wrexham and are adjusting to uni life, first of all, welcome! We hope you have a fab time here! Secondly, getting used to a new area can take time, but we’ve put together a list of things that we think are ‘must-dos’ for any students to get the most out of your time here in Wrexham during freshers week and beyond!

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Climate change

Climate Change: Why So Much Doubt and Inaction?

If the latest wild weather changes have you thinking about climate change, read this first in a series of blogs on the topic from our lecturer David Sprake. In it he explains how climate experts reached a very clear consensus on the fact that it is definitely happening.

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Cryptocurrency - future currency or a scam?

Is cryptocurrency the currency of the future or a scam? In the latest of our lecturer blogs, lecturer in accounting and finance Chunmei Guo explains all.

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Dr David Honeywell

The Pains of imprisonment

David Honeywell, a former prisoner turned academic, will be giving an interactive presentation alongside academics on Glyndwr’s Criminology and Criminal Justice degree on July 10.

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