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Surface Design*

BA (Hons)
Surface Design*

UCAS code: SD19

Year of entry: 2019

UCAS Tariff: 112

Duration: 3 YRS (FT)

Institution code: G53

Location: Wrexham

This exciting degree in Surface Design will help you blend your illustrative style and flair for creative image-making with an understanding of materials and craft processes. The course covers the practical, professional and artistic sides of working as a surface designer. The programme will equip you for a successful career in the creative industries.


This programme recognises the role of the designer in establishing the qualities and aesthetics of the environments we build around us.  Whether we are walking down an urban street or sitting in our own home, we are surrounded by objects with a surface quality that has been determined by a designer.  Obvious applications of surface design can be seen in fabrics and furnishing within the home, sometimes decorative, other times utilitarian, but tiles and bricks, floors, walls, roads, signs, pathways, playgrounds and vehicles, all have surfaces too; (along with many other examples).  As a designer, you will be encouraged to design the surfaces of future possibilities – imagining how things can be designed with different surfaces and materials.


Part of the programme will allow for the traditional skills of visual communication and skills in material handling; part of the programme will address the design stages of development and how to imagine new surfaces in ways that can be shared and explored with other manufacturers.


To succeed on this programme you will need to be unafraid of creative risk and be prepared to work hard in realisation of a concept, as you develop designs, prototypes or maquettes that suggest what the future might look like.


*Subject to ValidationThe University reviews its courses on a regular basis to ensure that they reflect the needs of students and employers. To do this we have a schedule for approving new programmes, and updating existing ones. Some are awaiting their turn in the approval cycle and are shown as 'subject to validation'. As soon as the award is validated, details will be amended automatically. For those courses listed as subject to validation, please contact the Admissions Office on 01978 293439 for further information.  Once a programme that you have applied for is validated, details will be communicated to you. If you are not happy with the changes made and wish to withdraw your choice, the University will assist you with finding an alternative programme.


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