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Integrated Masters

Integrated Masters

Our four-year option allows you to undertake masters levels modules in the fourth year and graduate with a masters instead of a BA, BEng or BSc.

The big advantage of taking this route is that you will be eligible for student loan funding towards fees and living costs for the full four years.

If you simply choose to do a standalone masters at the end of your three years you won’t be eligible for this funding. We would recommend all students sign up on the four-year route as you can still decide to leave after three years and graduate with a normal degree if you decide you don’t want to progress. Even if you are fairly confident now that you only want to study to degree level you may feel differently after 3 years at University or appreciate having the extra option available if you don’t secure the right job immediately.

It's exactly the same route as the BA, BEng or the BSc for the first three years and in your fourth year, you will study additional modules at masters level.

Graduating with this higher level qualification should help give you an edge in the job market as far fewer people graduate with this level of qualification.

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What happens if I need to repeat a year?: - Student loan funding is only available for a maximum of four years. If you need to repeat a year it may not be possible for you to get funding for the final masters year so you would need to graduate at degree level instead.

Is progression to the Masters year dependent on my grades after year three?:- Yes, you will need to have attained a suitable level of qualification after year three in order to be able to progress. This is to ensure that students are able to meet the demands of the masters level modules.

Is there any downside to signing up for the 4-year route over the 3-year route?:- No, signing up for four years will give you additional options but you can still decide to leave after three years and graduate with a regular degree if you want too.

What’s the difference between this and a standalone masters degree?:- A standalone Masters qualification usually contains an extra module as they require a slightly higher volume of credits. Student loan support is only available on masters-level qualifications if you sign up as an undergraduate and undertake an integrated masters.

What will I be charged for my fourth year?:- The fee for the fourth year determined at the outset and will be set at the same level that you have paid for the initial three years of your degree.


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