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WGU ten years


BSc (Hons) Sports Coaching


Full time



I am currently building my own sports coaching business. My business is aimed at P.E in primary schools, (North Wales and the surrounding areas). The business coaches after school clubs and runs specialist P.E lessons. There are also multi sports sessions available to the community, which are run in the evening and weekends.

My sports coaching degree has prepared me for numerous sport coaching opportunities. It has developed my knowledge and understanding of the different elements within coaching environments, from technique analysis to leadership in sport. Coaching qualifications were incorporated into the course to better prepare each student, making the process of meeting regulations in different areas easier. Throughout the third year of the course it was made clear to everyone that enhancing CVs and getting involved in work related projects would better our transition from student to graduate. All this has given me the confidence to follow my passion for coaching and set up my own coaching business.

I did look at other universities offering the same degree but there were limited options. Wrexham Glyndwr seemed to be a friendly close knit unit and it was exactly that. It is only 10 minutes from where I live, meaning that I could create local contacts whilst completing the degree. Finishing university with an honours degree has to be one of my biggest achievements. As a new start up business, securing my first contract with a school, which has led to conversations with other schools has also been exciting.

I think I was your typical sports student, I loved getting involved in sports and socialising with friends on the course. I enjoyed the 3 years, the assignments and the work load. The help and support available made you feel comfortable to jump in head first. I was the type of student that progressed throughout the course. I started off not bothering the lecturers and ending up pestering them every minute possible. I always had to complete work early and way before deadlines.

As Wrexham Glyndwr is a small university, staff are able to spend time with you personally on a daily basis. Relationships were created with lecturers and they are happy to help. Student peer relations were more personal and everyone helped one another. As I lived close to the university I was able to pop in and out whenever I wanted to, which allowed me to focus on coaching outside of university to strengthen my experiences.

If I was giving advice to someone wanting to work in a similar field, I would say that you have to be patient, it takes a while for you to gain trust and create relationships with schools. It doesn’t happen overnight, and I am still in that process. Also the financial and paperwork side of things is a little daunting as you have little prior experience. My main advice would be if you are passionate and want to make your own path in life, go ahead and do it.

Studying at Wrexham Glyndwr was a great experience with great people and life long memories and friendships. Numerous times I have been curled up laughing when in practical sessions, lecturers getting involved and having a good time. One memory that sticks in my mind is having the chance to interview the Ex ECB fitness and wellbeing coach. Due to contacts on the sporting course, one of my lecturers set up the interview and to top it off I then presented my final year study to him and a room full of students and sports individuals.

The university has a high graduate employability rate. The support is great as being a small university means there is more time for lecturers to help you individually. It is also a growing university offering new courses each year. The course was a pleasure to complete and it was always a great place to be.

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