Equestrian Psychology (FdSc)
Equine Science and Welfare Management (BSc Hons)
Full Time

I mainly work in Equine Behaviour and Training. I have my own business called Equinologee which provides a behavioural correction service for horses with “vices” or behavioural issues which also can involve general training and riding for clients. At the moment I am re-starting a horse for a client and I am also giving weekly lessons.

I also have a part time job which is a groom/stable-hand for a 2* professional eventer. This involves taking care of the 25 horses that are based at the yard and to help her prepare for the many competitions she enters throughout the year. I also help exercise these horses by taking them out on the roads to help with their fitness.

Getting my business off the ground for a start has been a career highlight for me and to hear people recommending you to others (it’s not a major achievement but it feels like it).

There were only 2 universities that provided the original course (Equestrian Psychology), Glyndwr and Nottingham Trent. I wanted to move away from home to be independent and to be able to stand on my own two feet so I was thinking Glyndwr anyway, then I realised how many people I knew from school who were going to NT. This solidified my decision to move to Wales!

I was a quiet student, I got all of my partying out of the way the summer Uni started so I knew mornings of being hungover were not going to be a problem! However, I did not cope well with time management. I always thought “Oh, I have got 5 weeks to get this assignment done, it can wait, I need to play with my horses!” Then it gets to a few days before hand in date and I’d barely started it. I always thought I coped better under pressure and it turns out I did. I always managed to get a decent grade and came out with an upper 2:1 in my dissertation. I look back on it now and wonder if I had actually spent time on it without all the pressure, what grade I may have achieved.

Studying at Glyndwr helped with my social skills; I was not much of a people person and hated speaking in front of a crowd, now I can actually give a decent presentation if needed and be reasonably confident and comfortable.

I have all of the information I need by studying my course. Now I have the theory and practical knowledge and skills to be able to progress my business and be confident that I know my facts.

If I could give any advice, I would say write all of your study notes out clearly and keep them for future reference, YOU WILL NEED THEM. Also you should do extra study outside of the course to gain information you may not be covering in lectures, it can help to buy/borrow relevant books to be able to reference from after your course has finished.

The courses I took were well structured, covering a variety of subjects that provide a wider range of information that I am still using within my business today. My lecturers were friendly and helpful which meant I felt I could go to them with any problems I may be encountering in and out of Uni.

Graduation is my favourite memory of my time at Glyndwr. It felt amazing to know that the 3 years it took actually meant something and I came out with an Honours Degree which I can show to clients (if needs be) to show I have the relevant knowledge and understanding for the career I have chosen. It was also a wonderful day in general, dressing up, meeting with friends, having my family there to support me and walking across the stage during the ceremony knowing I had done my best.

“It was tough, but so worth it.”

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