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Andrew Ruscoe

BA (HONS) Youth & Community & PGCE Level 6


I studied full time for a BA (HONS) Youth & Community and PCGE Level 6 at Glyndwr University from 2012 to 2017. It has been one of the most amazing positive experiences that I have ever had which is all thanks to the truly dedicated Glyndwr University staff members.

My studies at Glyndwr University have truly prepared me for working in the teaching and Youth & Community sectors, I have had the opportunity to utilise and develop my teaching & Community skills. This was all thanks to the active work placement programmes that WGU have embedded into the teaching modules.

I currently have two jobs following my studies at Glyndwr University

My 1st job is at the Chester FC Community Trust where I am the Schools Partnership Coordinator and Community Coach. I deliver non-accredited lessons to students within schools, colleges and youth clubs on subjects such as anti-social behaviour or even literacy within English lessons. I engage with the local community in football coaching, where I use my learnt teaching skills, thanks to the theory that I was taught at Glyndwr, to help support player understanding within outdoor classroom. This also helps to build community links to bring organisations together.

My 2nd job is at Brickfield Rangers as the Community and Business Director. Brickfield Rangers who are a local grassroots football club built on hard work of volunteers who also have a great community spirit. I deliver fun football sessions, informal Education within Schools of the Wrexham Community, develop links with local community groups, support coach CPD, and create footballing opportunities for the young players who are part of the Brickfield Rangers club. I also develop other Sports such as Futsal and Netball so that the community can have a club that has no barriers on obtaining sport. 

My biggest career highlight to date has to be a return to Chester FC where I was announced as the Community Trust Schools Partnership Coordinator. I used to play for Chester FC when I was a youngster and due to travel barriers I had to release myself out of my 2 year youth contract but thanks to Glyndwr Universities support it enabled me to come full circle and gain employment back at Chester where I can now hopefully try to support any youngsters from falling into issues that I experience when I was young.

My other biggest achievement thank to the work based experience programme embedded within the course was winning numerous awards such as the Wrexham Sports Award Community Coach of the Year 2016 and the FAW NEWFA Community Coach of the Year 2017.

My greatest achievement over the last few years was developing Girls Football within the Wrexham community where I developed 5 female teams so that Girls had football within the area thanks to the support of Paul Hooson of Brickfield Rangers, my placement supervisor.

I choose Wrexham Glyndwr University because many people who attended Glyndwr in the past had highly recommended the University as the right place for me to develop my skills for my chosen dream job. The other reason I was drawn to the course was because the focus was very student centred. The staff and lecturers were all highly trained and prepared to go above and beyond to support the students.

I came to Glyndwr Uni as a mature student, with two children, increasing to 3 during my studies. I was a very proactive student and extremely happy thanks to the great services and departments ran at the great team of staff at Glyndwr.

Studying at Glyndwr University has helped me massively achieve many of my dreams. It enabled me to fulfil my long term ambition of raising the profile of the Community Club Brickfield Rangers, which now its 1st team is Semi Professional. It helped me to win various awards, achieve my dream job at Chester FC Community Trust. I have a degree that I am proud of and intend to become a qualified teacher with my new PGCE Qualification.

My advice to someone wanting to work in a similar field would be.Prepare yourself for knock backs, no doubt there will be a few but always look at them as positives to learn from.

I would highly recommend undertaking a course at Glyndwr University because I have achieved so much.  Glyndwr has given me the confidence to do things I had always dreamt of doing.  I would sum up my time at Glyndwr as the most exciting & exhilarating educational roller coaster of my life!

My favourite memory of my time at Glyndwr University has to be playing for the Football team, as it took me up and down the country, where we played at places like Man City’s old training facility with a great bunch of lads who are all still good friends of mine.

Don’t regret what could have been and make that life change today, I did and it’s all thanks to Glyndwr University!

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