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BA(Hons) Theatre, Television & Performance



At the moment, I’m a freelance writer and blogger. I work with various clients across a number of industries, including technology, e-commerce and leisure, producing copy and content for their websites, blogs and promotional materials. In addition to this I run my own successful parenting blog, write for the Huffington Post, and I’m a stay at home mum too.

Alongside all of this (as if that wasn’t enough!) I’m currently working on a play about people’s experiences of parenthood.

It’s not too long since I graduated from Wrexham Glyndwr, but I feel that because the courses are so vocational, our career really starts while we’re there! In which case, the proudest moment of my writing career is writing and performing my dissertation in my third year. I created a theatrical piece to encourage more people to sign up as organ, blood and bone marrow donors; combining verbatim theatre with performance poetry I wrote myself. The audience reaction when the piece finished was one of my proudest moments, but nothing in comparison to finding out that there are several people who signed up as donors after watching my performance. It was amazing to see the power my words had, and confirmed that I was heading into the right industry.

I chose Wrexham  Glyndwr as on the open day, everyone was so friendly and welcoming, and the course seemed to be the perfect combination of theoretical and practical aspects. I deliberated for ages, and I even applied to somewhere else for a totally different course. On results day, I got into my Firm but had a change of heart and applied for Glyndwr through Clearing. It was a nerve-wracking wait for my Firm choice to release me! It was the best decision I ever made; my time at Glyndwr was incredible.

The best thing about courses at Wrexham  Glyndwr University is their vocational nature. That was what attracted me to the university in the first place – so many other universities I visited had courses that involved sitting in lectures and reading books for three years. I wanted a course that would equip me with vocational skills, and that’s why I chose Wrexham Glyndwr.

In addition to the confidence and communication skills instilled in me by the course, I developed my skills in writing CVs – both general and acting, experience in a huge variety of professional areas, from live performance in a musical to stage management for a serious play, to theatre in education and corporate drama, and opportunities to audition for external projects. The skills are fully transferrable, resulting in much better employability and confidence in job interviews.

My time at Wrexham  Glyndwr University helped me find my niche in the performing arts. Through various projects I found that my strongest skill is writing; a skill I now use in my work.

In first year, I was your typical eighteen-year-old, first time away from home student. I worked hard but I went out and partied too, and rocked up to more than one lecture with a hangover. At the start of my second year, I found out I was pregnant, so my student life that year was quite dramatically different! I gave birth on the last day of my second year, and did third year with a small baby, so I got a different student experience each year!

In general I was quite a hard-working student; you’d often find me in the library – but I also spent a lot of time in the canteen with my friends from the course, and on a Monday night you’d see me doing a bit of karaoke with my course mates in the student bar – mostly in the first year, rather than second and third! “Work hard and play hard” sums it up pretty well!

Studying at Wrexham  Glyndwr gave me a huge boost in confidence and communication skills, but also a wide range of other transferrable skills. The teamwork and initiative skills that you develop on the BA Theatre, Television and Performance are so valuable on any CV, whatever you’re applying for!

Wrexham  Glyndwr also helped me because their pastoral care was so great. Other universities would have sent me packing when I fell pregnant, but Wrexham  Glyndwr supported me every step of the way. From the day I told my lecturers I was pregnant, to the day I graduated with a baby and a First, the university went the extra mile for us and never made me feel like an inconvenience.

I can’t recommend Wrexham  Glyndwr highly enough. The courses are fantastic and the lecturers have practical experience in their fields, making them the perfect people to prepare you for your own career in your chosen industry. The student community is so lovely – there’s a vibrant nightlife, but plenty to do if partying isn’t your scene, and you’ll make friends for life during your time at Wrexham  Glyndwr. If you do fall on hard times, or need a little extra support, people are there for you every step of the way; helping you through the tough times and celebrating your successes with you.

I have so many good memories from my time at Wrexham  Glyndwr! Graduation was an amazing experience and such a proud day, but if I had to pick one Glyndwr memory I’d say it was the curtain call during the last performance of ‘Grease’, in my third year. So many of us third years had been in tears that day because we knew it was our last big performance together, and we didn’t want it all to end! We all pulled together and put on a fantastic show with the help of our lecturers, and it was a real time of reflection over all the skills we’d learned and experiences we’d had, and a time to celebrate our successes and be proud of ourselves.

A huge aspect of working in the theatre industry is about experience and contacts, so anyone wanting to work in a similar field, I would tell them to get out there! Take every bit of experience you can get. It might not seem like the most glamorous role, but if it will look good on your CV and give you new skills, give it a try. Meet as many people as you can and be prepared to network – there’s such a wealth of creativity and skills in the industry to share and pick up on. Forget theory-based courses; find one with the perfect mix of learning the theory and putting it into practice, like the Theatre, Television and Performance course at Glyndwr.

I think “Hyder Trwy Addysg”, the Wrexham  Glyndwr University motto, sums up my experience perfectly. When I graduated, it wasn’t just with a degree to prove my education. I also graduated with fantastic memories, wonderful experiences and, above all else, a renewed sense of confidence in myself and my abilities.

Thank you for a wonderful three years at Wrexham  Glyndwr University! If you’re currently trying to choose a university, visit an open day at Wrexham  Glyndwr. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly, and you’ll fall in love with Wrexham and Glyndwr the way I did.

Discover more information about our BA (Hons) Theatre, Television and Performance, or for more information about our range of courses within The School of Creative Arts, please visit the school page.


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