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BA (Hons) Fine Art
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I have always loved art. I started my career actually studying fashion design in London. Then I was diagnosed with cancer when I was 21 and I had to come home to Chester. I decided to train to become a nurse as the nursing staff who looked after me were so marvellous. I qualified and worked as a nurse for thirteen years.

While I was nursing I tried to keep going with my art. I was doing painting classes but I was working part time and was married with two children. I came to look around the art school and I met the staff and John McClenaghen and I didn’t bother looking anywhere else. They made me believe that it was possible.

When I started the course I felt vulnerable and I needed support. All the tutors will go the extra mile to help you. It’s not just a job for them, they really care about you and you matter to them. For the first two years of the course I was still nursing two days a week which was really hard, but the love of what I was doing kept me going. All the staff are so supportive and they really invest themselves in getting you to be the best that you can be. I finally left nursing during my third year. This allowed me to be at the school and devote more of my time to my studies.

There are workshops and opportunities such as painting workshops which you wouldn’t get on other courses. I recently applied and had to present to the Blue Coats Art Gallery in Liverpool. From that I am going to be receiving some mentoring and support from them which is very exciting.
My life has changed because of doing the course. During the Degree Final Show I got my first commission. I am about to start an NHS painting project, painting the doctors and nurses I used to work with.

My favourite memory of my time at Glyndwr was the opening night at the degree show. It was the culmination of all the hard work.

My advice for anyone considering becoming an artist or studying at Glyndwr is to come in every minute you can. Engage fully, you will get so much more out of it.

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