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WGU ten years


BA (Hons) Illustration (Visual Communication)


Full time

I’m working as a self-employed freelance illustrator. As well as executing the actual commissions, I also make a point of keeping up with social media feeds and networking with contacts in the art world.

My career highlights have definitely been creating album covers for Universal Publishing Productions and being chosen by a panel of judges to exhibit at New Designers One Year On in 2015.

I chose Wrexham Glyndwr over a lot of other universities as I was struck immediately with the high standard of artwork and enthusiasm of the students and tutors. A lot of other Universities seemed to be quite impersonal but Glyndwr had a more welcoming and creative feel.

During the first half of my course I was very confused and disorganised, but my tutors never gave up on me. I finally hit my stride in my second year, and received great guidance in my third year where I started to work with comics and started my Major Arcana Tarot card project that I am still working on from time to time now.

I was very fortunate to have a number of tutors with a lot of expertise in the areas of my specific interests. We were kept to a very high standard of work throughout, and the tutors were very skilled at pin pointing our talents (In my case working in black and white) and finding our strongest abilities, helping us to exploit this to its fullest potential.

If you are looking for a University with a real sense of community, where the tutors know everyone by name and give you real, valuable one to one attention and support, then Wrexham Glyndwr is the place for you.

I would advise anyone wanting to work in a similar field to apply for as many competitions as you can especially whilst you are at University when you are able to do so for free. They are excellent examples of working to a brief, even if you don’t win its great experience. I also think it’s important to work on art just for your own enjoyment. Normally I set myself my own commission, just so I can enjoy drawing and have a sense of accomplishment when you don’t have a professional brief to work on.

Once a year Wrexham Glyndwr University runs a weeklong event called “Creative Futures” where people working in the creative industries deliver lectures about their particular field of work. There is a diverse range of speakers, and is well worth attending as many as you can that are relevant to you. I would recommend mixing a few ‘practical’ lectures in with the more ‘interesting’ ones, a lecture on copy-write or accounting wouldn’t be my first choice, but these lectures can be very eye opening and useful to your business.

My favourite memory of my time at Wrexham Glyndwr is putting up the final year show, looking at how far we had all come, what we had achieved and the excellent high standard of work. It was great for us all to stand back and admire the results of all our hard work and join together with students in the other areas at the art block and admire the amazing show we had put on. Never underestimate smaller Universities.

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