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When I finished at Yale College, the plan wasn’t to go to University. I applied for a few jobs but I didn’t have the necessary experience or qualifications. I looked at networking courses at Manchester and Liverpool University but I didn’t really want to move away. I looked at the NEWI networking course and it ticked all the boxes for me and I’ve never looked back.

I got a job just two weeks after graduating at Best Companies. I was there for two years before I decided to take a risk and to start working with my brother and Richard Wilcock for his design agency in North Wales. I had to take a large pay cut and joined as a programmer, but it just felt like the right thing to do. Within the first 3 months we founded a  FinTech company  with focus within the Financial Services  industry. Eventually we were employing 14 staff, including some other Wrexham Glyndwr alumni. In the third year of running the business together, we were approached by a London Investment Company who made us an offer we couldn’t refuse and bought the business outright.

The security that selling the business has given us means that now we can focus on projects that interest us, it’s really exciting. We used to have to go where the work and money was, now we can work on projects that we want to do. We now run multiple businesses covering many different areas. I am especially interested in emerging technologies and what’s happening in the States, as what’s big there usually ends up coming here. It’s a 24 hour business as our customers are global

I loved my time at Wrexham Glyndwr. It was a really varied course that offers so many different opportunities for students across the board. I started the course wanting to do networking but during the second year programming came in as a module and I knew that was what I wanted to do. The course covers many different modules which gives you an understanding of the many different areas and career opportunities that are available. I started a networker and left a programmer.

The course also taught me many different professional skills such as time management. I always tried to get assignments and projects done as soon as possible, which taught me how to organise and manage my time. I also enjoyed the opportunity to work with other students. Initially, I couldn’t see the point or value of some of the business modules. Now that I am running five businesses, I realise just how important and useful they were. The course gave me both a theoretical and practical knowledge.

There were also other opportunities such as in my third year I won the Welsh Livery Gold prize against students from all across Wales. I won a five night trip to the IBM Conference for Computer Networks in New York.

I made some fantastic friends at Wrexham Glyndwr and we meet up at least once a year. The lecturers were so supportive, you could sit and have a coffee with them. You build a close relationship with them which I don’t know if you’d get at a larger and more impersonal University.

I’m looking at doing my Master’s degree next. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do since graduating. The future is also going to be about growing the business, a business that is always changing. 

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