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Samantha Harris
BSc (Hons) Game and Interactive Media Design
Full Time



It was a big decision to go to university. I’m dyslexic and was always told early on in life I would not make much of myself but I wanted to prove people wrong.

Wrexham Glyndwr University was the first place that really gave me support with my dyslexia. Graduating was probably my proudest moment.

I studied Game and Interactive Media Design at the university until 2010. I then started my ‘dream job’ as a designer in Manchester – commuting every day. I soon decided that I wanted to set up my own business.
I got a part-time job cleaning, it wasn’t glamorous but it paid the bills. I started the Go Wales – Access to ILM course, which gave me the basic business management information I needed to set up my business.

I was granted Princes Trust funding and a business mentor to help set up my business, which launched in 2012. The mentor was brilliant and more valuable to the business than the funding. But it wasn’t plain sailing. I found a business partner but despite putting no money into it he became a 24 per cent share holder and I had to buy him out and resolve bad advice.

After the first few months of starting the business it hit rock bottom as I was working hard on designs but not gaining more clients. I joined the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) which helped turn my business around within weeks.

I also became a mum just after launching the firm, and had to learn how to balance family life and work as a self-employed mum. I actually went into labor in the studio as I was working so hard. But I learnt how to balance life as my little girl was very poorly when she was born, so I learnt how to juggle family and business. Now my little girl runs around in the office and I love having her there, children can be so creative. I’m so lucky I’m self-employed and I can have my daughter with me.

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