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Architectural Design Technology BSc (Hons)

Full time

Currently, I work as an Assistant Land Manager for Redrow Homes Ltd, which followed on from being on Redrow’s Rotational Graduate Programme; a great opportunity to start a career in the construction industry. The role involves assessing the development potential of a site and valuing how much it is worth. This involves working closely with the layout designer, the technical team, sales and the construction team. It is vital that any scheme is viable and realistic; the knowledge I gained at Glyndwr University helps heaps with this.

My highlight in my career so far has been playing an active role in the acquisition of a development site. This involved going to meetings with the owners, looking at how the layout would best work and valuing the site in terms of development potential.

I was a European student, having moved to Wrexham from Germany for my studies. I lived in student accommodation, right next to campus. I had previously lived in England, therefore I knew of the area.

I chose Glyndwr due to the course being not just pure architecture and not just pure technology; it is a balance of the two to create Architectural Design Technology – something that the lecturers have managed to do well.

The course made me learn how to manage my time well to meet deadlines; how to work in a team and individually. Assignments were often set as group work, therefore you had to learn how to work proactively with others. Not everyone will always have the same opinion as you, therefore compromise is also important. The third year modules were especially helpful in preparing me for the world of work, as they replicated real work scenarios; some of which I have come across in my current role!

I would definitively recommend undertaking a course with Wrexham Glyndwr. I learnt so much in the three years at university and, looking back, it prepared me well for the step into the working world. The university provides you with as much or as little support as you need and the lecturers want to see you succeed; you just need to put in the hard work!

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at university. There will always be times when you struggle and don’t think you can manage, but the lecturers help you overcome this ‘brick wall’. In the end, the hard work really is worth it. Take any opportunity you get given, as you never know what the future holds. Wrexham Glyndwr gives you plenty of opportunities; you graduate having a wealth of knowledge and understanding, ready to start in the working world. “The world is your oyster”.

My favourite memory is meeting up with a group of fellow students and helping each other work together on our final individual design projects. Even though it was individual work, we were able to help each other overcome problems and achieve our potential, which we all did!

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