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MARA Students
Nurul, Adi, Azim, Muhammad
MSc Aeronautical Engineering
Full Time



We all work for Strand Aerospace Malaysia. As part of studying for our MSc in Aeronautical Engineering, we have been studying here at Glyndwr for a year. When we return we will be working together there again.

One of the most important parts of the course has been the industry connections and strong industry links that Glyndwr University has. We have had some amazing opportunities such as being involved with the production of prototypes and looking at the composite materials of jetfighters. We have had the opportunity to work at the Advanced Materials Composite Centre, part of Airbus. We have also visited BAe Systems in Preston and Salisbury and MBDA Stevenage, one of the biggest missile manufacturers. No other university can offer these opportunities which are incredibly important for our knowledge and future careers.

We each have a final year project which we have been working on at Glyndwr. It is based on real problems in the aeronautical industry and we have to find solutions. The course has given us an additional advantage as it has allowed us to build both a theoretical and practical background. The aerospace industry works with composite materials. On the course we have had the opportunity to work with aerospace standard materials and equipment. Not many courses offer this experience.
We have all become very close friends. We didn’t really know each other before we came to Glyndwr, but we have now become an unbreakable team. Although we all have different backgrounds and expertise, we will be working as a team when we get home. The foundation of that team has been made here.

Our programme co-ordinator has been really helpful. All the staff have been so friendly and are always willing to help us out of hours. Student Welfare even brought in someone from the bank to help us open bank accounts. It feels like they treat us as friends rather than just students.

We have visited lots of different places; we’ve visited Scotland, Bala Lake, Black Rock Sands and climbed Snowdon. There are lots of university trips to great places. We were asked to organise the first ever International Student’s Party, which was a great success. We have also experienced many different cultures and made friends with people from many different countries, France, Sweden, Germany and Bangladesh.

We lived in the student accommodation which is very comfortable and convenient. It is near all the facilities. It is important to get involved with the University and we have represented the University at indoor football and basketball.

Our advice for any students joining the course would be to get your programme co-ordinator to organise as many trips as possible and to make use of all the facilities. Use the computer labs, use the Advanced Composite Training and Development Centre in Broughton and make the most of every opportunity. Also, join teams. Don’t stay in your room, become part of things and the University. 

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