BSc (Hons) Computing


Part Time


I love my job, even though 20 years ago I would never have thought that I was capable of being a teacher. I am now course team leader for A Level Computer Science and I also teach A Level ICT and BTEC Level 3 extended diploma in IT at a local college. I really enjoy working with young people and feel privileged to be a part of their development and future.

 I chose to study at Glyndwr (formerly NEWI) as I am married and have a child who was only a toddler at the time of my studies.  The university was local and therefore the most obvious choice. Also, the course was part time which suited me in terms of other commitments such as family and part time/full time jobs. Glyndwr offered a pathway that consisted of the first 2 years towards a HNC, followed by one extra year for a HND. Once I completed the HND, I was able to add an extra 2 years to complete the BSc. This pathway was attractive to me as I was not confident in my own abilities at the time and I was not sure that I could complete the full degree. I probably would never have started the BSc without the ’security’ of the other qualifications.

Before I started the course, I was not sure what my strengths were and as a result I had convinced myself that I could not achieve high grades. However, the lecturers helped to increase my self-confidence. The course structure was such that the topics (which were all completely new to me at the time) were of an appropriate level to start with but gave the opportunity to challenge me further which meant I started to feel that I could accomplish more than I first thought I could.

The course being part time allowed me to have quality time with my family and gave me the confidence to apply for my first teaching job as an hourly paid lecturer at a local college. The skills I learned from the course modules such as networking, systems analysis, database development (SQL), programming (procedural and object oriented) and many others stood me in good stead when a permanent job was advertised at a local college. I was offered the full time post of Computing and ICT lecturer in 2003. I was still studying towards my degree at that time.

I was a diligent and motivated student who never missed a lesson (well, I may have missed a small handful over the 5 years). I learned how to write reports, plan time and learn independently but what really was excellent was the support I received from a large number of lecturers. I think the caring ethos and personal touch of staff towards the students was excellent. This really helped me to get through.

I think Glyndwr was excellent for me as a mature student. The support offered by the staff made all the difference. The Computing Department operates on an open-door policy where students are always welcome to seek support and guidance.

If I was giving any advice to someone wanting to work in a similar field then I would say work hard and believe in yourself. Glyndwr gave me the opportunity to exceed my own expectations. The personal touch and excellent guidance from lecturing staff enabled me to discover a new vision for my future.

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