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Okpala Sunday Basil Chukwuka

Full time MBA

I came to Glyndwr University in 2013 to study a full time MBA. I wanted to fully incubate and unleash my entrepreneurial acumen in the real world. I left the institution feeling fulfilled because I have succeeded in acquiring the skills and the competences needed in order for me to literally have my fingers in many pies.

My current job involves co-ordinating, directing, leading and mapping out strategies and providing guidance to my consultancy company: S.C BASIL CONSULTING, LLC.    

S.C BASIL CONSULTING, LLC is a global strategic consulting firm creating sustainable prosperity in EMEA. We facilitate trade and capital flows mainly to Africa and believe in the capacity of Africa and her people to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

S.C BASIL CONSULTING, LLC builds partnerships between people, governments and the private sector to bring trade and investment to the Middle East and Africa. We advocate for greater integration of Africa into the global economy, and we seek innovative and practical ways to maximize public-private partnerships to build sustainable economic development and drive job creation across the continent. 


My career highlights to date:

  • ·         Managing Partner of S.C Basil Global Consulting LLC, [EMEA].
  • ·         International Business Development Manager for Winning Education, London UK.
  • ·         Service Management Consultant at Pandora Global Office Copenhagen Denmark.
  • ·         Service Management Consultant at Falck Global Assistance, Denmark.
  • ·         Ericsson Facilities Management Contractor in Copenhagen. 
  • ·         Haldor Topsoe ExternalServiceManagementContractor at Lyngby Kobenhavn.
  • ·         Consultant & Corps Liaison Officer for National Youth Service Corps Lagos, Nigeria.   
  • ·         Management Consultant for ASPlatinumDotbiz LTD Abuja, Nigeria.

I chose to study at Glyndwr University because it offered the specific course I was interested in-- MBA. Also my academic mentor highly recommended Glyndwr. I was further convinced to study at this institution because of its high standards, teaching quality, location and qualifications are valued and recognised by employers all over the world.  

During my time at Glyndwr, I was the kind of student that had a genuine appetite for learning. I have never missed any of my scheduled lectures and was always the first to lead on every class discussions. I’ve also been nominated several times by my peers during my study days to present their collective opinions to the Student Guild on some pressing issues.

Glyndwr University has boosted my employability profile and it has also helped in accelerating my career prospects globally. With the Glyndwr MBA, I’m concurrently serving as an executive board member and Strategic Management Consultant to several organisations in Europe, Middle East & in Africa.

If you can dream it, you can do it. If you think you can do it, you are right. If you think you cannot do it you are also right.   

I would certainly recommend undertaking a programme with the institution because you can’t go wrong with Glyndwr University. It is a good place to explore all the possibilities and I know for sure that it has helped me find a lot of things I’m passionate about. Glyndwr University is always ready to provide you with the best resources to achieving your goals. I’ve been greatly overwhelmed with the numerous materials and free academic resources in the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) that the university has provided for me during my study days. 

My favourite memory of Glyndwr is coming up with new business concepts and strategizing on the practical ways of bringing it to life with my friends in the student lounge.  We usually think the unthinkable and we were able to also create scenarios in getting those ideas accomplished. 

If I could sum up my experience of attending Wrexham Glyndwr University in one quote I would say that it was “A dream come true.”

I am currently working towards becoming the future governor of Anambra State in Nigeria.  It is time to give back to my community through accountable top-notch and evidence-based public service.

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