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I chose Wrexham Glyndwr mainly because it has a variety of courses available, it is easily accessible, offers plenty of car parking and has excellent facilities.

I have worked over 25 years in the private and public sector which I continued whilst completing my degree.

If I were to re-apply now for my current role, then I would need to have a degree. I appreciate how important education and continuous development is and although I have many advanced professional qualifications, I did not have a degree.

I really enjoyed the course, it covered many different areas and subjects within business. If I wanted to work in any number of different industries, the subjects we covered on the course are all applicable. All the students and staff were lovely and very approachable, which is really important. I made use of the great facilities available such as the computers and library. I still pop in sometimes for a coffee and it’s lovely to still feel welcome. I met a lot of lovely diverse people from different countries and cultures.

Whilst I have always been entrepreneurial, the course helped me to develop these skills. After I completed the course I independently bought a pub. I could see that the potential was in the building rather than in the business. I applied for planning permission to convert the business into accommodation and it was a success.

Since completing the course, I have had appointments with The Careers Service and Zone, the advice I received from everyone there was great. I would definitely recommend them if you need some help establishing what direction you want to go in.

As I completed both my HNC and Foundation Degree I was able to enjoy two graduation ceremonies which were both very special. It was lovely to celebrate with everyone and for my son to see that his mum was achieving something significant. I have encouraged my son to think about University at the earliest opportunity.

During the course we had a guest lecturer who talked about entrepreneurship. Some people take risks, some don’t. I’m definitely on the side of those that do. Risk = Reward! I’m always looking for the next challenge and completing my course at Wrexham Glyndwr has complemented my skills and knowledge to do it.

Thank you Wrexham Glyndwr!

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