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Lianne Vernon

Lianne Vernon

Lianne visited an Open Day at the university after a friend suggested she go along. Despite being unsure if education was for her, Lianne liked what she saw, spoke with staff and lecturers and signed up for BSc Hons Automotive Engineering (with foundation year) and has never looked back.

What were you doing before coming to Wrexham Glyndwr University? 

I was cleaning and a care worker – I enjoyed it at first but I didn’t want to end up being stuck in those jobs forever.

What attracted you to Wrexham Glyndwr University? 

My friend told me about the university, I came along to an Open Day, saw what was going on and thought ‘that’s the thing for me.’ I started on a Foundation year studying Performance Car Technology and I’m now hoping to go on to do a Masters. I’m the first of my mum’s four kids to go to university.

Now, I come in all the time. I come in for Open Days, help out on all the cars – they know in the workshop that if they ever need anybody then I’ll be willing to help. Every Friday I’m in from 8.30am and I don’t even have any lectures or anything like that!

What has the support been like? 

The lecturers have taught me lots, they help to put things into perspective and talk you through so you see how what they are saying works in practice. They relate things to reality, so you can understand them.

You can’t ask for better tutors – if you are stuck, you can go and speak to them, if you have a personal issue, you can go and speak to them, they will do everything they can to help you, to keep you updated and on top of your work. Because I am willing to help myself and to put in the work, they are willing to help me.

What has been the best part of your time so far at Wrexham Glyndwr?

I’m now working on a pair of kit car projects in own time as a result of my studies. I had been helping our Workshop Supervisor, with a Haynes kit car in the workshop and he recommended I get one – I went one better and got two! I am going to do them up, and then show them around the country.

What do you hope to do when you graduate? 

Ultimately, my ambition is to apply my studies to Formula One. That’s where I’d love to end up. Formula One engines are 1.6-litre engines, and those cars are going 200 miles an hour – you just watch that and ask yourself ‘how?’ That’s one of the reasons I am studying the course I am and where I’d love to have a career - I’m going to start at the bottom and work my way up.


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