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Lesa Grimes-Thomas

Lesa Grimes-Thomas

Lesa has completed a BA in Applied Arts at Wrexham Glyndwr University and is starting our MA in Design Practice in October. She said:

I’d done a course at college which involved working with clay. I really enjoyed the feel and texture of clay and what you can achieve with it. With applied arts you can mix the media, so metalwork with ceramics, or glass with ceramics – it’s a really good course to be on.

There is a family feel to the university, and the few times that I’ve struggled, lecturers have come up and asked how they can help. They’re there for you, to push you, as much as they can. They’re very, very good.

The people here in Wrexham itself are fantastic, they’re really lovely people. You help someone and someone helps you. The tutors are brilliant as well, they’re really nice and friendly, and approachable, and they’re always there on hand, which is really helpful.

You should come and try us because it’s a fantastic, well-run course. The lecturers are fantastic and the students become like your family and everyone helps each other. It’s a mixture of ages, from my age to of course school leavers, having those ages groups working together it’s a good combination.

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