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Carl Edwards

Carl Edwards

Carl decided to stay at Wrexham Glyndwr after enjoying his undergraduate studies so much. He now studies MA Design Practice.


I’ve been in the design and advertising industry for 30 plus years, working on accounts such as British Airways, London Eye, Madame Tussauds, The Army etc. and I’m still practicing as a freelance creative.

I recently returned to education and gained a BA (Hons) 1st at Glyndwr in 2017. Having enjoyed doing my BA, it seemed natural to further my education and do an MA in design practice. I considered John Moores University in Liverpool and Chester University along with Wrexham Glyndwr for my MA.

Having read the prospectuses and attended meetings at all three universities, I chose Glyndwr. What made me opt for Glyndwr was the structure of the course and the attitude of the staff. The course is structured to give you the best opportunity to expand your practice into areas that you would find difficult to achieve in a day to day working environment. It also has a good balance of practical, theoretical and research study.

In all honesty, I nearly walked away from the course in the first week; I wasn’t sure that it was right for me. Students on both the MA arts practice and MA design practice study together. This felt uncomfortable to me at first, but I decided to persevere and stick with it a while longer.

I’m glad I didn’t quit: it turns out that the mix of ceramicists, fine artists, photographers, jewellers, game artist, animators, film and video, sound artists and designers etc is one of the real plus points of the course. Not only does it allow you to interact with people from other disciplines, broadening your views, but it also helps you build a wider network as a designer.

It has allowed me to expand my practice into an area in which I was always interested -typography - but never had the opportunity to explore in depth. One to one tutor time is readily available; the tutors are very supportive and always willing to give advice when needed. Having been in practice for a considerable amount of years I know how easy it can be to stagnate. This course, however, has certainly improved my working practice, strengthening areas such as research and developing self-initiated projects.

The course has encouraged me to attend exhibitions, workshops and events that I previously wouldn’t have considered. While at Glyndwr I’ve attended many workshops both in the UK and overseas, visiting both Athens and Warsaw twice. These trips have been not only enjoyable but also proved very useful to my practice.

Wrexham Glyndwr may be a lesser known University but it has always had a good reputation in the arts and design: many of the best creatives that I’ve had the pleasure of working within the past have been ex-pupils. The School of Creative Arts is a high ambition, energetic hub of creativity, it demands the same values of its students. The fact that the external assessor on the MA course is from St Martin’s speaks volumes.

My future ambitions after graduating (assuming I do), are to expand my practice by offering more specialised services in typography, type design and, possibly, wayfinding design. I could even be tempted to try a bit of lecturing. (It must be rubbing off on me.)

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