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Sally-Ann Baker

Senior Lecturer Psychology

Staff Profile

Sally-Ann Baker

Room: M301


+44 (0) 1978 293598


Sally has been involved in a wide range of funded research projects within health, social care and educational settings.  She acts as a reviewer for SDO and NIHR project proposals, and as a member of BCUHB Internal review panel, and a co opted member of the BPS Welsh branch committee.

BSc (Hons),  MBPsS

BSc (Hons) Psychology  BSc(Hons) Complementary therapies  BSc(Hons) Acupuncture  MSc(Hons) Teaching of Psychology ( Online)

Delivers modules in Health psychology, Research methods, Developmental Psychology

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Carnwell R and Baker SA  (2003) Breast Care Nursing in North Wales: An evaluation of breast care nursing from the perspective of practice nurses and district nurses. Clinical Effectiveness in Nursing. 7, 148-149

Baker SA and Carnwell R (2003) A qualitative study to evaluate breast care nursing in North Wales from the user perspective  Clinical Effectiveness in Nursing. 7,  171-179

Health and Wellbeing,  Health Care Service evaluation.  With an interest in user service evaluation, research design and governance of research and safeguarding issues