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Nathan Roberts

Senior Lecturer in Computing

Staff Profile

Nathan Roberts

Room: B128b


+44 (0) 1978 293219


Prior to starting at Wrexham Glyndwr University, I was predominately involved with the creation of simulation environments for specialist organisations, such as the Police, Health Sector, the Home Office and major financial bodies. My work involved leading a number of projects and collaborating with game developers involved with the development of specialised gaming simulations to provide bespoke training through the application of new technologies. My role within the organisations was focused on systems development and involving the programming of Unity (3D Game Engine) and development of content. SCRUM (methodology) also played an important role throughout my career and complimenting this was my knowledge of 3D graphics and digital content which I had a keen interest in before and throughout my career.

My deepening interest in the advancements of technology, specifically Immersive Technology, has profusely intrigued me surrounding the adaptation and enhancements that technology has offered through its diversification and its expanding integration into our society.

My work and personal interests have revolved around the adaptation of technology to help diversify our ways of working and personal development and it is these actions that drive me to experience more. My practical application and commitment to working with industry have demonstrated to me the power such applications hold, but also to consider the other impacts, complexities and ethical dilemmas that are natural counterparts to its implementation.

As an educator, coming into education with experience from industry, I have always valued the insight technology provides and how it can be used to shape things for the future.

University of Wales: BSc Computing 

CAA Registered Commercial Drone Pilot

Currently studying a PhD

BSc Computer Game Design and Enterprise

BSc Computer Game Development

MSc Computer Game Development


COM405 Digital Media Principles

COM433 Agile Development Methodologies

COM505 3D Modelling and Animation

COM522 Serious Game Technology

COM529 Group Project Design

COM605 Project

COM632 Advanced 3D Modelling and Animation

COM728 3D Design and Optimisation

Richards, P. Roberts, D. Britton, M and Roberts, N. (2017) The exploration of Body-Worn Video to accelerate the decision-making skills of Police Officers within an experiential learning environment. DOI10.1093/police/pax017

Roberts, D. Mason, J. Williams, E. Roberts, N. (2016) Promoting empathy through immersive learning. Journal of Nursing Education and Practice. DOI10.5430/jnep.v6n8p1

Roberts D and Roberts N.J. (2015) Neurodiversity and fostering creativity through assessment: Issues for computing students in Higher Educational Sciences

Weinel, J. Cunningham, S. Roberts, N.J.  Roberts, S. Griffiths, D. (2015) A Pilot Study Regarding Biofeedback-Driven Visual Effects in a Computer Game

Weinel, J. Cunningham, S. Roberts, N.J.  Roberts, S. Griffiths, D. (2015) EEG as a Controller for Psychedelic Visual Music in an Immersive Dome Environment,

Roberts, N.J. Roberts, D. (2014) Clinical simulation: Dare we venture into the uncanny valley?, Nurse Education in Practice

Roberts, D.  Roberts, N.J. (2014) Maximising sensory learning through immersive education. Royal College of Nursing

The application of adaptive decision making for soft-skills within multiplayer immersive

simulation/gaming environments, which includes…

  • Immersive Technology (VR, Mixed Reality, AR)
  • Game Engines
  • Emotion Artificial Intelligence
  • 3D Capture and Optimisation
  • Drone Development
  • Methodologies (SCRUM)