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Nataliia Luhyna

ASTUTE Project Officer, Sessional Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering

Staff Profile

Nataliia Luhyna

Room: Composite Training Centre or C130


+44 (0) 1978 294432


Nataliia received BEng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering from Chernihiv National University of Technology (Ukraine) in 2010. On the 50th Anniversary of the University she was remarkably noted as one of the best students and awarded the Honorary Diploma ‘Excellence in Education’.

After participating in Ukrainian Government Programme she was awarded the fully sponsored International Studentship. Thereby she finished MSc in Manufacturing at Glyndwr University in 2012.

Nataliia is currently undertaking her PhD Research in cure kinetics of novel smart epoxy nanocomposites (carbon nanotube based) using different curing techniques (conventional, microwave and radio frequency). She has published high quality refereed research based on polymer matrix composites and took part in conferences in United Kingdom and abroad.

Nataliia is Sessional Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering and currently working towards obtaining her Associate fellowship of the Higher Education Academy. She is delivering different modules for Airbus Foundation Degree programme FDEng, BEng (Hons) and MSc levels in Aeronautical/ Mechanical Engineering and supervising final year student projects at Advanced Composite Training and Development Centre in Broughton.

She is working as ASTUTE Project Officer (Advanced Sustainable Manufacturing Technologies) at Glyndwr University to adopt more advanced manufacturing technologies into Welsh manufacturing. Nataliia has worked with a number of manufacturing enterprises (SME) across Convergence Area in Wales.

Furthermore, she is Assistant Editor of Open-access journal “EPOXY”, De Gruyter (Germany) from August 2014, and one of the local organising committee of the international conference Advanced Materials for Demanding Applications.

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering, (Chernihiv National University of Technology, Ukraine), 2010

MSc Manufacturing, (Glyndwr University, United Kingdom), 2012


WES Member

ENGF 405 Composites and Aeromaterials

ENG 434 Manufacturing Technology

ENGM 69 Composite Materials

ENGF 513 Project

ENG 654 Project

F. Inam, B.R. Bhat, N. Luhyna, T. Vo. (2014). ‘Comparison of structural health assessment capabilities in epoxy – carbon black and epoxy – carbon nanotube nanocomposites’. eXPRESS Polymers Letters, 8 (1). pp. 55-61. ISSN 1788-618X.

Luhyna, N., Inam, F. and Winnington, I. (2013). 'Rapid microwave processing of epoxy nanocomposites using carbon nanotubes', Conference Proceedings, Third International Conference on Advanced Composite Materials and Technologies for Aerospace Applications, 13-16 May 2013, Wrexham, North Wales.

Luhyna, N., Inam, F. and Winnington, I. (2013). 'Shortening curing durations for carbon nanotube reinforced epoxy'. IV International Scientific and Practical Conference 'Theoretical and Experimantal Researches in Technologies of Modern Materials and Engineering', 3-7 June 2013, Lutsk National Technical University, Ukraine, Research Notes, 41 (1), pp. 17-22. [Міжвузівський збірник "Наукові нотатки". Луцьк, 2013. Випуск №41 Частина 1.]

Luhyna, N. and Inam, F. (2012). Carbon nanotubes for epoxy nanocomposites: a review on recent developments, Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Advanced Composite Materials and Technologies for Aerospace Applications. 11-13 June 2012, Wrexham, North Wales.ISBN 9780946881765, pp. 80-86.

Composite materials

Aeronautical materials

Nanocomposites and advanced materials

Materials characterisations

Carbon nanotubes

Microwave curing

Rapid manufacturing

Manufacturing processes and techniques

Cure kinetics of epoxy resins