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Dr Julie Adams-Guppy

Senior Lecturer & Programme Leader BA(Hons) Policing

Staff Profile

Dr Julie Adams-Guppy

Room: B11


+44 (0) 1978 293999


Julie has a range of experience working as a Lecturer and Senior Lecturer in higher education, and in industry and public sector organisations in England and Wales.  Her main research interests are in the fields of driving behaviour and offending, and substance abuse.

She joined Glyndwr University in 2017 as a Senior Lecturer in Policing and the Programme Leader for the BA(Hons) Policing, and teaches on a range of modules including Responding to Diversity, Police Law, Developing & Reflecting on Police Practice and Policing in Action.

Julie holds degrees and postgraduate qualifications in both Psychology and Law, a PhD in young driver’s risk-taking behaviours, and is a Special Inspector in North Wales Police.

BA(Hons) Law,  PGDip Law

PhD (Driving Behaviour & Offending)

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

BA(Hons) Psychology & Education, MSc Applied Psychology, C.Psychol.

The CKP (Certificate of Knowledge in Policing)


BA(Hons) Policing


Responding to Diversity

Police Law

Developing & Reflecting on Police Practice

Policing in Action

Investigating Crime

Developing & Reflecting on Police Practice

Criminal Law & Procedures

Multi-Agency Working

Work-Based Learning

Research Methods

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My research interests focus primarily on Roads Policing and Driver Offending Behaviour, and in particular young drivers’ and professional drivers’ risk-taking, offending behaviours and training needs. Other research interests include alcohol addiction and interventions. I am an expert reviewer for several international journals, including the journal Accident, Analysis & Prevention (the leading journal in driving behaviour and road safety) and have publications in international road safety and addiction journals and conference publications.