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Dr Jan Green


Staff Profile

Dr Jan Green

Room: B105a


+44(0)1978 293286


Twitter: @janpostgradbus

Innovative strategic change is a central theme of Jan’s career to date.  Prior to a successful transition into academia Jan was a Development Director in the waste management sector.  During this phase Jan’s strategy of diversification to broaden the range of income streams quadrupled the customer base.  In addition she streamlined the business processes to eliminate duplication, incorporate total quality management practices and reduce operational overheads.

Previously, as Commercial Director in the food industry Jan had been responsible for new product development to embrace transformation in social trends.  She also revised the business model to provide additional earning potential which had a return on investment of 56%.  In the 1990s Jan was alert to the potential of on-line shopping and launched a facility in the Midlands (UK) which contributed £0.25 million turnover in the inaugural year.  The position included managing a central budget, calculating cost of sales, product margins, debtor day management and other sector financial matters.  A team of nine area managers reported directly to Jan and she actively encouraged personal development and learning to support succession planning.

A move into academia enabled Jan to undertake empirical research into business performance and complete her PhD studies researching business success.  She has presented and published a series of papers which draw on the volatile context within which the contemporary 21st century organization must survive and demonstrates her subject expertise in Strategic Change.  In her academic work she crosses the boundaries of traditional bodies of knowledge to provide innovative business solutions which incorporate a blend of practitioner insight, empirical data and theoretical perspectives.

Teaching provides Jan with an arena to encourage debate by using a combination of technology, theory and business examples which acknowledge different learning styles.  Her student feedback is excellent and she has a high success rate of dissertation supervision success.  Jan has a global business outlook and has taught a diverse range of international students at post-graduate level.

Jan brings a blend of practitioner credibility, an up to date research profile, gravitas and enthusiasm to the workplace that is appreciated by business students seeking to progress their career options.  She has recently completed the academic supervisor of two Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, demonstrating her ability to generate research income. In her capacity as a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute, Jan is a member of the CMI (Cymru) Regional Board.

What do you like to do in your spare time?- In my spare time I am a regular runner and train to run in 10k races in the region, always aiming to be successful in my category.  I also cycle and attend various exercise classes to maintain my fitness.  I enjoy riding horses and attending race meetings where I can be spotted evaluating the runners by the paddock rails.  Always keen to see what is round the corner, I plan visits to appreciate the landscape and culture in all parts of the world, I am particularly happy if this involves beaches and skimming stones.

What’s your favourite film? - My favourite movies are The Rabbit Fence, Bridges Over Madison County and Educating Rita. 

Inspirational quotes? - My inspirational quote is attributed to Somerset Maugham who said: “Only mediocre people are always at their best.”  Ahead of her time, my grandmother used to say: “Do it now, while you can” which I strive to achieve.

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PhD – Exemplary Business Performance - University of Wales

MA  – Professional Development -  University of Liverpool

Post Graduate Certificate – Mentoring and Observation

Post Graduate Certificate in Education

Post Graduate Certificate in Performance Coaching

BA (Hons) Business and Management -  Leeds

Post Graduate Diploma – Chartered Institute of Marketing

Senior Fellow – Higher Education Academy

Member – Grounded Theory Institute

Member – British Academy of Management

Member - Management & Organizational Behaviour Teaching Society  

Member – Performance Management Institute

Jan was formally recognized as the Best Lecturer in the School of Social and Life Sciences in 2018.  In November 2017 Jan was awarded the Owain Glynd┼Ár Society Prize in recognition of her support for the promotion of learning, education, enterprise and innovation  Previously she  received The Lecturer of the Year Award in 2016 and her formal role is a Reader in Teaching, Learning and Student Success.

She currently teaches the following modules:

Implementing Strategies (PG)

Creative Change and Innovation (PG)

Research Methods and Dissertation (PG)

Emphasising The Environment (PG)

Social Responsibility Advantage (ExecPG)

Excellence Through Operating Lean (ExecPG)

Supply Chain Advantage (ExecPG)

Corporate Strategy (ExecPG)

Strategic Thinking (UG)

Green, J and Binsardi, A. (2016) Jigsawing: A sub-category of the Grounded Theory of Enlightened Converting. Journal of Management and Change No. 1/2 (34/35) pp.29-43. ISSN: 2228-2181.

Green, J and Binsardi, B. (2015) Active Amalgamating: Identifying the Why in Change. In Dynamics of Organizational Change Ed. Tipuric, Raguz and Darabos, Pearson Education, Harlow.  Chapter 6, pp.101-124.  ISBN: 978-1-78447-988-6.

Green, J and Binsardi, A. (2015) Entrepreneurial Intentions: a grounded theory of green fielding:  Italian Journal of Management. Vol. 33, No. 97. pp.17-36. ISSN: 0393-5108    

Green, J and Binsardi, A. (2014) Systematic Avocating, Grounded Theory Review, Vol. 13, Iss. 2, pp.70-79. ISSN: 1556-1543, E-ISSN: 1556-1550.

Green, J and Binsardi, A. (2014). Trenchant Remedying: Directional Disturbance of Organisational Change Effort, Grounded Theory Review Vol. 13, Iss. 1, pp. 29-45. ISSN:1556-1550.

Binsardi, A. Green, J and Jackson, G. (2013). Exploring the impact of a company’s web technological development on its innovation activity, Global Business Perspective, Vol. 13, Issue 1, pp. 488-514. DOI: 10.1007/540196-013-0023-6

Binsardi, A and Green, J. (2012) Research Methods for Management: Pedagogic Teaching Series, Volume 2, Northwest Academic Publications, London ISBN: 978-1-78233-003-5

Conference Papers

Green, J (2018)  Space Solutions for  Career Management in Education, Management & Organizational Behaviour Teaching Society, University of Maynooth, School of Business, 28-30 June 2018.

Green, J. (2018) Perceptive Familiarizing, Organizational Knowledge and Learning Conference, University of Liverpool, 26-27 April.

Green, J (2016) Frontier Rescinding: A Basic Social Process. 9th International Conference on Social Sciences Methodology. University of Leicester 11-16 September 2016

Green, J and Binsardi, B. (2015) Active Amalgamating: Identifying the Why in Change. 3rd International Conference on Governance, Management & Entrepreneurship: The Quest for Organizational

Identity. Dubrovnik, 17-18 April 2015, ISBN: 978-953-57413-5-0. Peer reviewed, accepted as textbook chapter with Pearson Education – pending 2016.

Green, J and Binsardi, B (2014).  Jigsawing:  A Grounded Theory Sub-Category: Change Management and Sense-Making. Conference Proceedings: European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management   9th Colloquium on Organizational Change and Development.  Essen, 12-13 September 2014.

Classic grounded theory, organizational performance and success, strategy, change, corporate communications, executive education, corporate social responsibility.

Currently, Jan is supervising several doctoral students who are carrying out research into business problems and initiatives, both in the UK and overseas.  Doctoral research results in findings that have value to both practitioners and academics.  The focus of Jan’s supervision is one of encouraging students to analyse the context of a business to establish the nature of a contemporary problem that is subsequently stated in a precise research question.  This scoping exercise is followed by probing into the literature ensuring that the knowledge base of the study provides a sound foundation from which to progress and collect insightful empirical data for analysis and interpretation.

Jan has undertaken research with a number of businesses through the Knowledge Transfer Partnership scheme which has contributed to problem-solving projects.  

Jan would be pleased to hear from you if you are planning to study for a research degree to discuss your initial proposal.