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Gwennan Barton

Psychology Technician

Staff Profile

Gwennan Barton

Room: M304


+44 (0) 1978 293322


Gwennan achieved her 1st Class BSc Psychology (Hons) degree at Glyndwr University in the Summer of 2016.

She began her PhD studies which focus on visual attention, memory and psychological type in the Autumn of 2016 at Glyndwr University which are currently ongoing. Gwennan is engaged within the research culture within and outside of the university – presenting work to fellow colleagues and at British Psychological Society conferences.


In November 2017, Gwennan became the Psychology Technician for the department. Her role encompasses may aspects that include providing support to both staff and students with research, dissertation, statistics, technical, and experimental work within the Psychology Laboratory. Gwennan is also the Health and Safety co-ordinator for the department, manages the psychology laboratory, equipment, software and administrative tasks.

BSc Psychology (Hons) 1st Class

Currently undertaking a PhD in Psychology


Gwennan’s role is to support staff and students. Her role encompasses but is not limited to:

·        Experimental laboratory support and set up

·        Statistical support

·        Technical support – with software, equipment and so forth

·        Health and Safety Co-ordinator

·        Dissertation support

·        Psychology laboratory management

·        Administrative tasks

·        Collaborative work with other departments and their facilities

Visual attention, memory, and individual differences (psychological type)